Anthem of Empowerment for Women

I’ve spent some time helping a group of women who are empowering others. Shoot Like A Girl has made an immense impact on women, introducing them to shooting. Thier portable shooting ranges can be found at various Cabela’s and outdoors shows around the country through out the year. The virtual range is a great start and gives women a safe introduction to handgun, rifle, and archery shooting. This week the lady entrepreneurs are announcing the release of their single the “Shoot Like A Girl Anthem,” which describes their mission in a nutshell.

Shoot Like A Girl Launches Anthem of Empowerment for Women

Shoot Like A Girl AnthemAthens, AL – Shoot Like A Girl is excited to release their single “Shoot Like A Girl Anthem”, written by Tanya Davis and Michael Curtis. Tanya has seen success with her single “Home Again” and has been included on Grand Ole Opry radio with her single “Don’t be Cruel” featuring Vince Gill.  Shoot Like A Girl’s Anthem, performed by Nashville Star winner Angela Hacker, epitomizes the company’s brand of empowering women.
With an upbeat classic country tone, this song is a blast to sing along with and declare “I’m an outdoor lover, fight like a warrior, shoot like a girl”! Through this song, Shoot Like A Girl accomplished their goal of giving women an anthem that exudes the confidence that comes from shooting sports and spreading message women can be proud of. “This is the right time for the Shoot Like A Girl Anthem. We need a song that all young girls and women can look to for inspiration to achieve their goals. There are some extremely empowering lines in this song, that all women should be able to find strength in,” said Karen Butler, President of Shoot Like A Girl.
Download now to be a part of a hit in the making! The song is available for download on iTunes –
On the release of their Anthem, Shoot Like A Girl is proud to launch their latest line of women’s apparel! Be a part of the empowerment of women by showing you Shoot Like A Girl! Featuring lines from their latest song “Shoot Like A Girl Anthem” these designs bring strong elegance to ladies and the world of shooting sports alike!


For sponsorship information or to learn more about SLG2, visit Shoot Like A Girl online, or visit at Facebook and Twitter.
About Shoot Like A Girl:
Shoot Like A Girl has become and remains an industry leader in growing the number of women in shooting sports by giving women across the country the experience of shooting a pistol, rifle, and bow in a safe controlled women friendly environment, that empowers them with the confidence they can shoot. Please recognize the following Shoot Like A Girl Corporate Partners who enable them to grow the number of women in shooting sports and change lives, one shot at a time:

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