Can’t Say That Anymore

Life gets busy and time seems to just slip through our hands. I am like everyone else and have a busy life.  WAY back in August, I won a photo. It was from the July caption contest at the Women’s Outdoor News (theWON). I typically say “I never win anything.” but guess what?! I can’t say that anymore!

This particular contest was exciting for me because not only was I supporting the WON, I was also getting a chance to own my VERY OWN Stacey Huston photograph! I rarely participate in these, but I saw the image for this monthly caption contest and instantly entered my thoughts. (note: you can’t win if you don’t enter) After that I forgot about it until I was at our county fair and received a message that I was the winner and also the proud new owner of a Stacey Huston! I was very excited to say the least.

I received the photo in August and right away I knew it had to have a special place in the house. I dropped it off to be framed and matted and then headed off for my vacation in the Gulf of Mexico. As I said, time flies! That was August and I received the beautifully framed photograph just before my birthday in September. I deemed it “a birthday present from the WON“!  It really wasn’t but many of you know the whole month of September is celebrated as MY birthday – by ME! So anything wonderful that happens during September is of course labeled with “birthday” forMia by Mia!

I picked a spot for my new artwork and hung it right away. Then I headed out on my bear hunt for the rest of the month. Not another spare moment… Time still flying. Now it is October, and I had a moments break this weekend. I took the morning to clean and dust all our mounts and other items in the house. Then TAH-DAH! There in it’s very own special spot is my “Stacey”. It is an adorable picture of a cute little fawn. Hank says it “softens” the room a little bit. Can you believe that? From Hank? He and the Little Gal like it too. They say it has a special place among the other artwork and mounts in the room. We see such wonderful things in our outdoor adventures all the time. Stacey just caught a precious moment with her camera and now it is ours to share.

I had to give a word about it, FINALLY, because it is such a great photo and the photographer is such a wonderful lady, and the WON has this contest so I think you should stop by and check it out. While you are there, enter a caption and then you have a chance to win too. Many days, weeks, and now a couple of months have passed, but THANK YOU! I won it at the WON! (for my birthday! *wink, wink*)

My Stacy Huston orginal
My prized Stacey Huston original

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  1. What a nice story and such a compliment to Stacey Huston. We are fortunate at The WON to include you and Stacey as WON Guns! Thanks, Mia … and oh, happy belated birthday! And Hank’s right … it does soften the room. It’s lovely.

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