Why You Need to Hunt Turkeys | Beretta Blog

There’s an excitement in the air as friends, clients, and guides prepare for the turkey hunting season. We look forward to the morning chill, sometimes with a bit of frost, fog, and dew. Heck, some places even contend with snow. We prepare our gear, purchase new layers, hats, gloves, devices, and such to keep us … Continue reading Why You Need to Hunt Turkeys | Beretta Blog

Talking Waterfowl at Beretta USA Blog

For those of you who've recently taken to following, today I'm sharing a waterfowl hunting peace over at Beretta Blog. I'd like to extend you and other as "Thank you" for following and showing your support over the years. I enjoy sharing hunting and firearms tips at Beretta's blog. Head over there and subscribe and learn … Continue reading Talking Waterfowl at Beretta USA Blog

Preparing for Hunting Season

I'm getting pretty excited for this fall's hunts. Although I didn't draw all the tags I'd hoped for, I do have a few hunts in the works. During the hottest last days of summer, I'll be pursuing pronghorn with my bow again. I'll then head to the high country to look for a bugling bull … Continue reading Preparing for Hunting Season

Wild Turkey Tortilla Soup Recipe

Field To Fork: Wild Turkey Tortilla Soup Recently, I’ve written about how to get started with turkey hunting and how to prepare yourself and your gear to go afield. Within my family, there’s not much more enjoyable than taking our Beretta A300 shotguns out to the field to tag and bag a spring-time wild-turkey. However, … Continue reading Wild Turkey Tortilla Soup Recipe

Sako Tour and Shooting with Beretta

I hope you're keeping up with the series, which takes me to Finland then Russia with my friends at Beretta to meet those at Sako. Part two of the adventure involves a tour and then shooting the top of the line Sako rifles. Subscribe to follow along as I head across the ocean, to experience other cultures, … Continue reading Sako Tour and Shooting with Beretta

Tour of Sako Facility

My trip to Finland with Beretta USA began with a tour of Sako. After a brief introduction in the conference room, we headed to the manufacturing facility. The company is proud of their precision firearms and each employee takes pride in the quality firearms they produce. Watch the video below as I take you through the … Continue reading Tour of Sako Facility

Beretta is taking me to tour Sako

I've been anxiously awaiting the return of my passport, along with a Russian visa inside so that I could tell you the big news. I'll be headed to Finland with Beretta USA, to tour the Sako plant. I'd kept this adventure pretty well under hat because, without the visa, I couldn't go to Russia, but … Continue reading Beretta is taking me to tour Sako

15 Keys to Creating Your Dream Hunt – Beretta USA

A dream hunt is about more than the harvest. When you’re planning, think past the kill shot. There’s an array of legwork and budgeting needed to ensure you have extraordinary memories when you get home.

6 Things You Didn’t Think Would Ruin Your Turkey Hunt at Beretta USA

Before long the cuts and cackles of the hens fill the air. They start off a bit slow with a cluck here and there and then become a bit more boisterous. The big guy, strutting back and forth silences them all, with an echoing gobble.

Day 2 at SHOT Show – Beretta, Women’s Hunting Apparel and More

Day two at SHOT Show was a whirlwind. We visited with friends at the POMA Mississippi Breakfast and then headed to meet our friends at Beretta. I sat on a panel with Lisa Marie Judy and Kim Rhode. Matteo of Beretta led us in the roundtable discussion about women and guns. You can meet the three … Continue reading Day 2 at SHOT Show – Beretta, Women’s Hunting Apparel and More