Preparing for Hunting Season

I’m getting pretty excited for this fall’s hunts. Although I didn’t draw all the tags I’d hoped for, I do have a few hunts in the works.

During the hottest last days of summer, I’ll be pursuing pronghorn with my bow again. I’ll then head to the high country to look for a bugling bull or at least one that’s enticed by the mews of a cow call. I used to always chase teal in Louisiana, mid-September, on my birthday. However, it seems my good friend, Becky Lou’s #GirlsHuntOut has been taken to a new venue by a new group. I’ve yet to find an opening in their event, so I’ve taken to new waterfowl hunting country. Guess what that means? Yes! NEW duck hunting adventures await, and I’m in training for them. Learn how I’m preparing in my column over at Beretta Blog.

Five Ways the Shooting Range Helps with Hunting

clay-shooting-for-hunters-Beretta-USA-BlogWith hot summertime temperatures, some might be surprised that we’ve already got our sights focused on waterfowl and upland hunting season. There are those out shooting summer leagues at the shotgun range and others who are booking September teal hunts, November pheasant hunts, and January goose pursuits. As many approach the stand at the range, they think of their scores, winning a shoot, or how to prepare for hunting season.

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2 Replies to “Preparing for Hunting Season”

  1. Yup. Drew my snake river wilderness tag for elk. I’m already hitting the gym 6 days a week to get in much better shape. (Last year, someone stole the oxygen from over there)

  2. That’s excellent! Congratulations to you. And the gym… Yep! That’s the place to be this time of year. Get those lungs in shape for that thin air.

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