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6 Things That Can Spoil Your Turkey Hunt
By Mia Anstine


I look up through the tree branches to see bulbous bodies silhouetted against the forest scenery. The chilly air bites at my cheeks. Slowly the sky lightens, and the figures begin to take shape. Then hen those figures begin to move. A shiver of excitement runs through my body as I see one puff and fan its tail. I know it’s a gobbler.

Before long the cuts and cackles of the hens fill the air. They start off a bit slow with a cluck here and there and then become a bit more boisterous. The big guy, strutting back and forth silences them all, with an echoing gobble.

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One by one, they fly down from their roost, and I know it’s on.

If you’ve ever been turkey hunting, you know the feeling as you await the morning action. You’ve set up and prepared for this moment. After their fly-down, things become a bit more interesting when the birds turn and go the other way. It’s time to spot and stalk.

I’ve had many a hunt where I’ve run, snuck, crawled and slithered after big thunder chickens. I’ve also had several not so heroic instances, which reminded me to pay attention to more than that mesmerizing, strutting gobbler. Hopefully, my recounting of a few instances may aid in your turkey hunting success.



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