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For those who’ve recently taken to following, I’m sharing a waterfowl hunting peace over at Beretta Blog. I want to extend you and others a “Thank you” for following and showing your support over the years. I enjoy sharing hunting and firearms tips on Beretta’s blog. Head over there and subscribe and learn more.

Waterfowl Hunters and the Farm Bill

As a waterfowl hunter and a farmer my ears perk up when I hear mention of the Farm Bill.

I’ve been working on the areas on my property that entice these birds. However, I tend to let my place rest and have found other great locations to hunt ducks. While I’d like to tell you my favorite spots, we all know those sites are sacred. Some of these places are on public land, and others are on private leases. One of my favorite waterfowl locations is in the marshes of Louisiana. Another is in the rice fields of Mississippi. Come to think of it, the cattail-covered banks of a Minnesota lake is a fantastic location as well.

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