Day 2 at SHOT Show – Beretta, Women’s Hunting Apparel and More

Day two at SHOT Show was a whirlwind. We visited with friends at the POMA Mississippi Breakfast and then headed to meet our friends at Beretta. I sat on a panel with Lisa Marie Judy and Kim Rhode. Matteo of Beretta led us in the roundtable discussion about women and guns. You can meet the three of us by viewing the live recording – ‘The Female Side of Guns‘.


We spent the day looking for new products in women’s hunting apparel. This was quite a challenge. Head over to to see the line up we found on the show floor.


Our trusty photographer, rarely gets in on the action because we have him working so hard, but H actually got the evening off. We headed over to a women’s meet and great and he went to a media event and shot several Kriss Arms products.

Lea and I had fun at the Women’s Outdoor and Shooting Industry, ‘Birds of a Feather’ dinner. It was a bit loud, but Lea was happy to meet another youth shooter while we were there. Here she is with a 13-year-old, who is taller than her, steel target shooter from Australia.



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