Sako Tour and Shooting with Beretta

I hope you’re keeping up with the series, which takes me to Finland then Russia with my friends at Beretta to meet those at Sako. Part two of the adventure involves a tour and then shooting the top of the line Sako rifles. Subscribe to follow along as I head across the ocean, to experience other cultures, try new guns and hunt in a country I’d never imagined possible. ~Mia

A Sako Tour Plus Range Time




What a joy to wake up in Finland and prepare for a tour of Sako. I enjoyed a European breakfast with a view of downtown Helsinki. Shortly I joined the hosts and writer’s group, and we boarded the bus for a ride to Riihimaki, to the manufacturing facility.

Sako built it’s original manufacturing facility during World War I. To this day they still utilize the original buildings but have also grown over the years to include larger production areas and updated equipment.

Beretta Holding’s acquisition of the Sako company brought additional… (CLICK HERE to read more.)


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