Snacks for the Trail by Wild Zora Foods

I’m pretty picky when I have people message me and ask if I’ll do a review on their products. Wild Zora contacted me, and I did some research on their products to see what they’re all about. What do you know?! Organic, paleo, healthy snacks for the trail! That’s right up my alley.

I accepted the request to give the natural snacks a try and a few days later a box of goodies showed up. I set up the camera and started a box-opening and first tastes type of video. Then decided that Iiked them so much that I need to know more. If you’re signed up to receive my newsletter, you know that the word of the year is “curiosity” and that’s what Zora had intrigued.

I had a trip scheduled to head to Denver for my father-in-law’s birthday and a couple of days afterward attend the Sportsmen’s Caucus at the Capitol. With a day in between, I needed something to do. I reached out to Wild Zora Foods and they accepted my request to tour their facility and tell me more about the company.

I’m happy to report that Zora’s facility is excellent. It’s housed in a building, (which my be Historic) that is the second World J.C. Penny building in old town, Loveland, Co. They are a USDA certified facility, so the place was immaculately clean.

I’m happy to report that Zora gave me a discount code to share with you. Go to and a discount will automatically be applied to your cart at check out. I receive no compensation from this link but you’ll enjoy the benefit of the code.

These snacks are perfect for the trail! Whether you’re headed on a hike, horseback ride, ski trip, or to the range, there are some healthy, tasty goodies that you need to try. Give them a try and let me know what you think. Stay healthy and get out doors! CHEERS!

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