Long-Distance Precision Muzzleloader the Paramount by CVA

I’ve been sharing a little about my time decompressing after SHOT Show, but I know that what you really want to know about are the guns. I’ll start sharing a few of my favorites as I find time.

I’d done very good with the write every day challenge up until my decompressing time after SHOT. It’s then that I took time to rest and skipped a couple of entries. Now I’ll try to catch up and get you caught up on some of my favorite guns from the week long show.

I’m not much of a muzzleloader enthusiast. I’ve shot them quite a bit. I’ve shot old, new, flint lock, cap lock, in-line. I’ve enjoyed messing around with them at the range, but I just never got hooked on them for hunting. — That might change.

During Monday’s range day, before SHOT Show actually begins, the media gets a sneak peek at some of the new firearms offered by a variety of companies. I stopped by to visit my friends from BPI’s CVA and Bergara companies. My plan had been to talk hunting as I knew they’d had some Colorado adventures, and I wanted to hear about them.

You can’t just stop by a booth to chat. You have to shoot and chat. That’s what I did. I shot their bolt-action rifle, the Cascade, and then shot their second-generation precision muzzleloader, the Paramount Pro.

CVA’s Paramount Muzzleloader

CVA promotes the PARAMOUNT™ PRO as a long-range muzzleloader, and it’s the technology that they’ve put into this gun that makes it so impressive. You can achieve sub-MOA at 400 yards. That’s unheard of with any muzzleloader that I have in my safe, much less from any that I’ve demoed on writer’s event trips.

The Primer

This rifle utilizes a “super-magnum” propellant charge, which is similar to that of a center-fire rifle primer. This larger charge produces the energy needed for higher projectile velocities that necessary for kill shots at 300 yards and beyond.

The rifle comes with a system called the VariFlame® set. This is a flanged collared cap that the large rifle primer sits in. The collar diminishes the blow-back that traditionally comes when the powder ignites inside of the muzzleloader. With less blowback you also have a more precise burn, which eliminated the premature dislodging of the projectile inside the barrel, thus making for more accurate shots.

Upon further research, I learned that following CVA’s guide book and load patterns is important in attaining those accurate shots as well.

The Barrel

The Free-floating barrel of the Paramount Pro is made of Nitride® treated Stainless Steel and is available in .45 and .50 calibers. Check your state’s laws to see which are legal for muzzleloader hunting.

The Stock

With a Grayboe™ fiberglass stock the Paramount Pro weigh in at 8.75 lbs. before accessories are added. The gun is a bit on the heavy side. I’m sure you’ll get in shape and prepare to carry it around before you head out on your hunt. In Colorado, we’re not allowed to use optics on our muzzleloaders so we won’t have to worry about that added weight. The gun does come with a Quake® CLAW® Sling, which I use on several of my guns and it makes for a comfortable shoulder carry.


I mentioned the Quake® CLAW® Sling, but this muzzleloader does come with other notable accessories. There is a one-piece range ramrod, but you’re also likely to appreciate the self-deploying compact ramrod. When I mention this “compact ramrod” you may wonder how that works. It’s a necessary piece that is foldable and fits right into your backpack or pocket. — Think tent supports. It’s pretty cool.

Additionally, the Paramount Pro is equipped with a TriggerTech™ Trigger and is sold with PowerBelt® ELR bullets.

A scope is not included on the standard Paramount, but also offered for 2020 will be a .50 caliber PARAMOUNT™ PRO Colorado version and includes a set of Williams™ Peep Sights.

Paramount Pro Cerakoat/Nitride – .45 Cal. 26″ threaded barrel – MSRP: $1667.95

Paramount Pro Colorado Cerakoat/niteride – .50 cal. 26″ threaded barrel with Williams Peepsight – MSRP: $ 1667.95

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