Taking a Look at America’s History – Gold King Mine Ghost Town

On our way home from Art of the Cowgirl we decided to take a detour off the beaten path to explore the historic town of Jerome, Az. After heading up the hills and out of the Prescott Valley we topped out to the magnificent view of the valley below and then took a turn right into the old west, which was the little town built into the side of the hill.

The curves and turns and homes built into the side of the hillside reminded me of old European cities and of the old towns in Colorado.

Lea and I walked the main street and read the placards on the sides of the buildings. Jerome was once a hustling busting copper mining town and even held the first elevators, car dealers, JC Penny’s and Pepsi factories in the wild west. It was also known for the saloons, brothels and the shoot outs in the streets.

Just up the road was what we were really curious about — the ghost town and the famous Gold King Mine. You guessed it. We headed up there next.

To our surprise, the Gold King Mine, which is now owned by the

Just one mile up from Jerome is town of Haynes, where the Gold King Mine is located. In search of additional copper veins, in 1890 the Haynes Copper Company sunk a mine shaft 100 feet into the mountain, but instead of finding copper they struck gold.

In 1901 they boasted a population of 304 people. Eventually the Gold King Mine ran out of gold and shut down. The town was abandoned until the 1970’s when Don Robertson found the location and decided to call it home.

Mr. Robertson wanted to share some of the most unique and important icons from America’s Industrial Revolution. He started collecting items that he felt made our country what it is today.

We were surprised to see the rows of antique items but enjoyed a look at what he had. We found old tractors, washing machines, projectors, dental equipment, saws, and so much more. I wanted to share a little of it with you.

You’ll notice that my pictures are heavy in the dirt moving equipment avenue. This is because I have several friends and a few family members who’d appreciate them.

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