For the Ladies – Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter – Deer Gear, For the Ladies, Magazine

by Mia Anstine

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady HunterI am pleased to learn that this hunting season many new lady hunters were added to our ranks. Many went out this with mentors and began to learn the ropes and fill their hunting tags. If you’re hooked on hunting, now it’s time for you to start thinking about purchasing your own hunting rifle.

I remember my first hunting rifle. My dad gave it to me. It’s filled lots of tags, but if I wonder, if I had been the one to decide, would I still choose the same firearm?

How did you come by your first rifle?



Three important things you should look at before you buy your hunting rifle:


  1. Determine what animals you will hunt with the rifle.
  2. Research the regulati … (CLICK HERE to read more at Western Whitetail)

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