Outdoors, Hunting, and Inspiration with Mia Anstine and ‘Mountain Climer’

A new friend who’s been following my inspiration for some time reached out to interview me for a new project. He’s created a website, Mountain Climber which is designed to inspire others. I feel honored to play a part in being a positive influence, or role model, for others. I also look to them for inspiration, so I had to learn more about the Mountain Climer mission.

CLICK HERE to read the Mountain Climer interview ’10 Questions with Mia Anstine.’


Jeremy Climer says he first heard about me when I was on the cover of Field & Stream. “After reading the article, I immediately found you on social media and started reading your blog posts and watching your YouTube videos. What really attracted me to your work was your focus on family” says Climer who grew up outdoors, though not hunting.

Jeremy says his wife’s first experience with guns and hunting was through him, and now they’re raising their daughter outdoors and teaching her all about hunting, fishing, and conservation.  He says, “It’s been important for both my wife and daughter to see women out there hunting and fishing – it’s not a man’s thing, it’s a human thing.”

The Climer family had a longtime goal of moving to Colorado and recently made the move when Jeremy’s wife accepted a job here. “Once we had our daughter, we wanted to settle down in the mountain west before she started kindergarten.” He also says he’s dreamed of hunting elk, mule deer, and pronghorn for over a decade. “I’m excited to finally get to hunt the animals I’ve long loved and admired. While I hunted whitetail and small game back in Indiana and Kentucky, I’ve never been one for sitting still, so I’m also looking forward to being able to spot and stalk as opposed to sitting in a tree stand.”

When I talk about joining conservation organizations to make a difference that means you also need to get involved, not just hold a membership card in your wallet. Jeremy is on the committee for the Mile High chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation and belongs to a number of organizations (RMEF, NWTF, BHA, TRCP, TU). He says he wants to do more so he decided to create his own opportunity via the new website.

Jeremy indicates his “goal is simply to bring people together and educate. I’ve done a lot of one on one educating on these issues during my time in Chicago and Los Angeles and gotten a lot of my friends interested in hunting, but I wanted to do that on a larger scale. Also, while there are organizations devoted to getting more people outside and there are conservation organizations doing new hunter recruitment, I didn’t see anyone out there trying to tie these things together. I’d like to see more hunters, more hikers, etc., and I’d like them all to be concerned about the future of our wild animals and places.  If I can direct someone who wants to learn to hunt to someone who can mentor them, or make hunting a little less scary for someone else, I’ll feel really good about that.”

Finding positive influencers is always important. While his website is new, you can follow it plus the Mountain Climer’s Facebook pageYouTube channel, and Instagram.


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