Mia Anstine Featured in Empowering Book About Women Hunters

Mia Anstine of Pagosa Springs, Colorado is among 18 individual female hunters across the country profiled in a revealing new book called Why Women Hunt. The book is the first of its kind by Author and hunter K. J. Houtman.

Anstine is a hunting guide and instructor in archery, firearms, and other outdoor-related skills: “Sitting in a tree stand is tough for me personally, more than climbing from 9,000 to 13,000 feet, but I’ve taken bears, whitetail and other game animals from just sitting. I love it all. Each has its own purpose—you can learn from one method of hunting to help in another.”

Mia told the author that she wishes non-hunters understood hunting better and that’s part of the reason she took to being a hunter education instructor, “… the burden is on us to help them understand. I wish they’d take a hunter education class, even if they weren’t going to hunt. Sometimes we don’t get anything after a long day. It’s not always easy and it is never guaranteed. Some people don’t know and some have a misconception fostered from watching hunting TV shows. We need to demonstrate how we achieve healthy wildlife herds and how we affect animals in a positive way through hunting.”

Houtman of Minnesota takes an intimate look at the lives of these intrepid outdoor women—of all ages, professions, education and cultural backgrounds. Their diverse personal stories explore what motivates them to connect—spiritually and physically—with the natural world in one of humankind’s most ancient food-gathering rituals.

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Book website address: www.whywomenhunt.com

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