A Successful Kids Hunt

At Wolf Creek Outfitters we love to hunt and enjoy getting kids outdoors.  We are excited each spring to sponsor a special hunt to arrive.  This is a kid hunt and is one we look forward to and plan all year.  It’s called an Easter Egg Hunt!

The hunt is a huge event for us and one we truly look forward to each year. We invite friends, family, and lots of kids to come hunting.  Hank and I stuff over 600 plastic eggs with candy, money and prizes and hide them out on the back


This year the morning started with cloudy skies that assured us there would be rain… And mud.

Looks like rain
Looks like rain

That didn’t slow anything down.  The bunny scatters the eggs rain or shine, so the work begins.  Hank and Al were great sports and allowed me to take photos of them with bunny ears on.

Hank & Al are good sports, wearing their bunny ears

I had fun stalking them in the mud to see if they would keep their ears on while playing bunny.

Al & Hank hide eggs

Then Hank saw me giggling and did the Bunny Hop for the camera.

Hank does the Bunny Hop

It was pretty darn muddy already and of course, rained and hailed but never did snow.  The kids we know are pretty hardy, and they of course showed up with their mud boots and raincoats and were ready to hunt.  One little boy was caught saying “Lots of times you have to go hunting in bad weather Mia.”

The kids wait in their rain gear for Hank to finish with the instructions.

The hunt was on, and the rain was stopping no one!  The kids slipped and slid and found egg after egg.

Kids hunting
Kids hunting

THEN…  It hailed!

It starts to hail & we send the kids inside.
It started to hail & we sent the kids inside.
Soaked kids
Soaked kids

It started to hail, and we sent the kids in for a break.  It wasn’t long before they were back at it.  The sun came out, and then the fun began.  Kids turned over rocks and logs looking for the last of the four “Golden Eggs.”  They became a little distracted finding:


Be careful if you open this egg!
Be careful if you open this egg!


Cute little frog found on the hunt
A cute little frog found on the hunt

And finally a “Golden Egg”!


All in all the kids had FUN so the hunt was a success!  Can’t wait for next year!

Come to think of it, a few kids did more than hunt.  The Little Gal and one of her buddies caught fish in the rain on the front pond.

Kids fishing in the rain
Kids fishing in the rain

It’s always an adventure!

Now to scrape the mud off the living room floor!

With Wolf Creek Outfitters, kids hunt free (elk, deer & turkey) until age 16! (Some restrictions apply)

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  1. Sorry I missed all the fun, but it was a mess out here, the road was all slippery, no way did I want to drive the 17 miles to 151. Guess I am not as game as I used to be or maybe I am smarter.LOL.
    I’ll bet you had to scrape the mud off the floors, hope you had help??
    Way to go Hank with the bunny ears, did they have a tail??? Just kidding, talk at you later.
    Love you all.

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