A Golden Angel – I Mean Eagle

I eased down the road looking left and right in a daze. A combination of shock, depression, confusion, and emptiness filled me.  I had just been dealt some news that was anything but pleasant.  My Dad had been diagnosed with cancer and shared the news that due to the number of organs the doctors wanted to remove he was forgoing treatment.  The doctors told him within one month he would not walk and within six months he would be gone.   As I drove, I thought about everything in my life.  I continued to look left and right.  Watching out for all things that may run in front of my path.

As I sorted my feelings and emotions, I scanned as I always do when I drive that rural road.  Many things can appear in front of you at a moment’s notice much the same as our paths in life.  I thought of how careful we can be and how things are tossed at us at unexpected times. Just as on my everyday drive, we have to adapt or adjust to make it safely around.  My heart was heavy, so I looked, as I always do, to see what Mother Nature had to offer me that day.

It didn’t take long.

Off in the distance, I saw something small and furry jump.  What would be jumping on the side of the road in the middle of February? I looked closer near what appeared to be a stump.  There it went again.  Another little fur ball hopped up into the air.  A rabbit?  As I approached, I slowed to see what it could be.  That is when I realized it wasn’t a fur ball jumping.  It was fur flying.  There on the side of the cold frozen road stood a huge Golden Eagle.

Not a stump
I realized it was not a stump

He stood atop an old road kill.  A deer.  He was ripping and tearing hide away tossing chunks in the air as he got to his meal.  I was fascinated as I watched and thought of the ripping and tearing that was going on in my own life that day.  I had to get to my soul and center myself to settle myself.  I watched for quite some time as he ate.  I lost myself in fascination.  He was beautiful.  He was gorgeous.  He was determined.  He was graceful.  As I admired him, he didn’t seem to mind me right there.

His gaze
He gazed at me as I watched him eat. He ripped and pulled away the tough surface to get to his meal.
Awesome beauty
I sat in awe as I admired his beauty and grace.

 Finally, he was done.  He had gotten to the center and filled his crop.  He dismounted his feast and began to walk away. He stepped away with his wings spread high.  He displayed his grandiose wings.  They spanned as far as I am tall and he held them there for me to see how large they were.  He walked tall and looked like an angel as he showed me his wings.

An angel
An angel walking

Then, with great force and a giant swoop, he took to the air to fly.  I could hear the force of his wings and the wind they created as he used his strength to gain altitude. Then his huge body lifted from the earth.  He circled above multiple times and flew off into the distance leaving me there alone in the cold.  I took a deep breath and smiled as I heard “Everything is going to be alright.”

He circled a few times and flew off into the distance.

It has been more than seven months since that memorable day.  My Dad is doing GREAT and still walking tall.  This angel also visited him, I mean eagle.  He went to see a healer, a Medicine Man and was visited by none other than a Golden Eagle among other spirits.  Through several ceremonies, his cancer was removed. He is still doing construction, coaching boxing, remains onery as ever, and is a great storyteller.  He told me of the Golden Eagle that came. He spoke of the strength of the huge bird and how he felt the wind of its wings blow him back as it flew by. I asked him to wait and ran to show him.

Can you imagine his surprise when he told me the story of the Eagle that visited him at the ceremony and then I showed him the pictures of my Angel?!  Awesome.

Each day is a blessing. Please don’t take our world for granted. Get out there and pay attention – to Mother Nature.

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4 Replies to “A Golden Angel – I Mean Eagle”

  1. Beautiful – Mia – simply beautiful – if we will only pause – nature will bring us comfort and healing just when we need it. So happy your father is doing so well – too many people discount the shamans and medicine men and traditional medicines opting for technology and big pharma. I take what the earth offers me anyday over those miracles of modern technology

  2. im glad he is doing good. i think God works in ways science cant understand

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