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We acquired Thomas at a 4-H auction. He was intended to be a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and ended up with our family for three and a half years. Tom had a couple of friends who were eaten by coyotes, bobcats and shredded by raccoons.

4-H turkey
A young Tomas struts for his friend.

Tom always managed to survive the attacks and he became an icon at the ranch. A mascot so to speak. Tom was always there when we would shoot targets or skeet. He would stand in the background, always behind the line, and cheer each time you would fire a shot. . Anytime there was action, Tom could be found close by. Tom the turkey stays behind

He would follow us out to the back field as we went to search for prairie dogs or coyotes. He would come and show our company his pretty feathers every chance he would get. Tom was friends with the hounds, the goat and even the horses.

We have been busy with hunting season and are fortunate to have many people who help us care for the ranch. While Hank and the hunters were out yesterday, one of our very good friends dropped items off at our house. Tom quickly went to greet him and strutted his fancy feathers as items were unloaded. When they were finished, they backed out of the driveway and the unthinkable happened. Tom was squished under a truck tire. Our friend had admired and laughed at Tom for years. He frantically called to attempt to notify us that our friend had suffered a horrible accident.

Today we remember Tom and say thanks. Thomas, aka, Tom, you will be missed at the Anstine Ranch. You gave us lots of laughs and lots of smiles. We’ll be telling your stories for years to come.Tom the Turkey

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4 Replies to “Tom You Will Be Missed – Life on the Ranch”

  1. Oh, so sad, ole Tom was one of a kind.
    I know how hard it is to loose a friend, have lost 2 dogs and one horse this year.
    So my heart goes out to all of you.
    Lu Ann

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