Summer fun idea for you & the kids

It is of the highest importance to teach the kids properly. Before you shoot, please refresh yourself with the safety rules and/or take a firearms safety course: Firearm safety

It is early on in the way of summer time, but I know eventually we will hear “I’m bored.” Do you have a ton of ideas of fun things to do with your kids? Hopefully some of them include getting outside. Oh yes. I hear the excuses, “It’s hot outside.” No worries. You can wait until the evening when it cools down and you are unwound from work. This is an idea for the entire family to have fun.

Get outside and shoot targets with the rifle or pistol. You can spend time exercising your Second amendment right as well as teach your children important things.

  • Teach them about the Second amendment.
  • Teach them safety.
  • Teach them about responsibility.
  • Teach them respect.

There are so many fun targets on the market these days. You of course can use the old-fashioned pop can or bottle, but there are lots of other paper and plinker targets out that will leave you with no glass shards to clean up.

One type I saw at the supply store the other day was a series of mutant targets. There are also zombies which are very popular. I am not sure if they will frighten the kids or if the kids can imagine they are “offing” the monsters from their nightmares. Regardless, they do look like lots of fun! Mutant shooting targets

If the monster looking mutants aren’t what you want to aim at with your children, there are always the traditional bulls-eye targets. I do tend to stear clear of them with a very novice shooter. It sometimes makes them try too hard and discourages some if they are not on the dot with every shot.

Once the basics are covered and safety is taught you can have fun as you work on accuracy. One target that provides a contest for the family is the VisiColor Dartboard target by Champion. It provides a type of dart board game with bright colors appearing as the shooter hits a mark. Varied colors represent a shooters points. The shooters can also play “C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N” which is similar to the game of horse or pig played in basketball and other sports. One shooter hits a mark and the next is supposed to follow up with the same shot. They make other sizes and shapes for shooting fun and sighting in as you prepare for fall hunting season. The high visibility paper targets allow seeing the point of penetration with ease.Shooting targets by Champion

A “rewarding” target for many kids and adults is the plinker. The traditional plinker makes a sound as each shot hits. The kids gain confidence as they hear a reassuring sound with their shot. Some plinkers will re-set themselves when the shooter hits, spinning them one direction and then hit again spinning them back. The great thing is they last a long time and most basic ones we have found retail under $20.00. Be sure to check the caliber for use indicated with your plinker before you start shooting.Steel Targets

Regardless of the type of shooting you do, we hope you will get out there. Be safe. Have fun. Most of all, spend time as a family.NRA shooting safety

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