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If you’re just getting started in using guides for hunting, have used many, or if you’ve never even thought of using one, you STILL SHOULD READ this list. It can save you time, money and heartache. Links to part 1 and part 2 of the series are below. Happy Hunting.

Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Guided Hunt (Part 1)
By Mia Anstine
Many hunters have bucket lists of items they would like to harvest. The challenge in checking animals off the list comes in assessing the cost to hunt said animals and having the time to sufficiently scout the area prior to the hunt. Fortunately, for some, hunters can look to a guide or outfitter to do the behind the scenes scouting without using up valuable vacation days.

Price is generally the first, and sometimes only, thing people ask when they are shopping for a guided hunt.  Price is important to all of us hard working individuals, but the questions shouldn’t stop there. A hunter should ask the guide many questions.

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Why you need to ask lots of questions:

I’ve heard, and given, good and bad reports about guided hunts over the years. In many instances, a “bad” experience occurred because of false expectations. Our vision of the hunt we are purchasing is often times different than what is actually provided. (You know what “they” say about assume?) It’s best to find this out before you spend thousands on the dream hunt you had in your mind, only to find out, you paid for what is someone else’s dream.

In order to prevent miscommunication, a client needs to call the outfit representative and ask a number of questions. It’s easy to fire off an email requesting a price but better to speak with someone so you can get a good feel. Maybe “touchy-feely” stuff isn’t for you, but the bottom line is sometimes personalities simply don’t mesh.

The following list can be just a start because as you ask these pertinent questions, many more may come to mind.

What questions to ask when you call:

  1. What is included? Not all hunts include housing, meals or transportation.  To continue reading Part 1 CLICK HERE.
Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Guided Hunt (Part 2)
By Mia Anstine



Today we’ll cover part two of that long list of questions that will help you have the hunt of your dreams instead of the hunt of someone else’s.

This list is intended to help you clarify what you’re spending your hard earned money on when you’re booking a hunt. It is by no means a “set in stone” list of questions, and hopefully it will inspire conversation between you and a potential guide. Be sure to talk verbally on the phone, or in person to create a relationship with you and the guide prior to your hunt.

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What is your policy for looking for a wounded animal?

Ask if someone will help you look for an animal that has run off. Ask how long they will help and how they will search for a wounded animal.

What happens if I shoot…. To continue reading Part 2 CLICK HERE.

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