How To Clear Clouded Headlights Using Home Remedies

Today I’m out here in front of my truck to talk to you about a life hack. Some of you might be asking, “Why the truck? What does that have to do with hunting, or shooting, or the outdoors, or anything you talk about?” Well, a while back I hit a deer on the driver’s side of my truck. I really don’t want to hit more deer. That’s a brutal death, plus conserving wildlife is important.

You can view this hack, plus learn about the Road Armor heavy duty bumper on the Toyota, in the YouTube video below.

The driver’s side has a new headlight and the other side has the original. It’s yellow and dingy. With all the deer that are out and a few elk in our area, I don’t want to hit another one. At night that passenger headlight is very dim.

A friend told me about a trick to get rid of that yellow tinge and brighten up the headlight. I’m trying it for the first time, and I wanted to share the experiment with you.

I’ve seen infomercials, and you can spend a lot of money on expensive products to restore headlights. This only involves toothpaste, a non-scratch scrub brush (so you don’t scratch the plastic of the headlight), a rag, and vinegar and water.

First, use the water mix to clean off the headlight and remove the initial residue. After you have that wiped down, take the toothpaste and spread a thin, even coat across the headlight’s lens. Let that sit for about ten minutes.

Next, take your water mix and the little scrub brush. Lightly wet the area and use the nonabrasive brush to scrub the entire surface of the headlight. You’ll begin to see the yellow tinge going away. Use the rag to wipe it. Repeat the process a couple more times to get it cleaner and clearer than before.

The light will not be as good as a brand-new one, but it’ll be more vibrant.

During my experiment, I scrubbed and cleaned the lens three times with vinegar and water and then applied the whitening toothpaste. It did a good job, but it took multiple times. Let me know, have you ever tried any at-home solutions to clear a clouded headlight lens? Do you have any other tricks or hacks that work to make your headlight look like new? Tell me in the comments below.


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