How To Cure Springtime Sniffles or Sinus Infection

Springtime seems to have lasted all winter, and it’s nearly summer. That has to be why I have the sniffles, which may have led to a sinus infection, which I’ve nearly left by the wayside.

Let me tell you all about it, or if you just want to know how to get better, skip to the bottom. Before we get there, tell me, have you had the springtime sniffles too?

When I prepared the May/Memorial Day newsletter last week, I was nearly incapacitated. What started out as the sniffles turned into severe body pain, even my skin hurt to the touch. I had no time to rest, but I gave it a try because I needed to be better before we took some friends on a long-weekend pack trip in the high country.

It isn’t just allergies that cause the sniffles to turn into an infection. I ran myself down pretty good too. I drove to Dallas, Texas for the NRA Annual Meetings. Yes, it was worth it and you can bet you’ll see me at the event in Indianapolis, Indiana next year.

After that, I had one day of rest then loaded up the one-ton with Dear Daughter’s furniture and made a trek to Montana to help her move into her first apartment. It was a long, rough ride in the stripped down, stiff-suspension, dual-wheeled flatbed. We followed that up with a lot of up and down stairs hauling, which ultimately led to a happy college sophomore who now has a somewhat furnished apartment.

ZOOM! We zipped back home and worked hard to lay out the pipe for the irrigation system as this year, due to drought conditions, our days of water are limited. With the help of a couple friends, we got the gates and gaskets installed. Then H and I worked day and night to get the hundreds of sticks of pipe spread, connected, flushed and now running.

YEP. That’s when it hit me. I had the sniffles throughout the adventures, treks and work. Then all of a sudden, BAM! A huge headache happened. I admit I may not have been drinking enough fluid during any of this. I chugged water and went to bed early only to wake up with a splitting headache and a body that didn’t want to move.

Did I mention that I didn’t have time for this?

I took allergy medicine and chugged water all day. It seemed to help the sniffles, but the body pain persisted. That night I took night time allergy meds and slept like a log. Yes, rest is important and I needed to wake up and help pack in a camp.

Packing in camp didn’t happen for me. H had to go it solo and I stayed home to prepare your newsletter and work on recovery. The body pain subsided, but the headache held on. I continued with the fluids, rest, and allergy medicine and by the next day felt well enough to ride a horse and lead a cute little cowgirl up to camp — at 11,000 feet!

Yes, I remembered to bring my medicine and with hopes of a restful weekend, continued to work on rehabilitation. I never experience altitude sickness but this time my sinuses told me there was a problem. I have to admit, I had no reprieve, but I SURVIVED and even smiled as a happy little cowgirl and her mother made it safely on their first horseback destined pack-trip in the high country. SUCCESS!



By the time I returned home, I knew the sniffles had gone bad. They’d turned into a sinus infection. Thanks to the not so wonderful health care system, it’ll cost me way too much to go to the doc. (If you can go see a doctor, and would like to take antibiotics, please do so and don’t continue reading.) I better get serious and fix myself up! After all, I only have three days until I have to be somewhere else!

How to beat a sinus infection with at home remediesbee-hive-honey-pot-lemon-tea-mia-anstine-mac-outdoors

  • Fluids – Drink lots of water, vitamin water, Emergency C, and other good stuff. I love to drink hot water with honey and lemon because it adds flavor and goes down smooth. Plus, your body doesn’t have to spend any energy warming it up to metabolize and absorb it into your body. Another favorite is sleepy time tea because it relaxes me just enough to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Humidifier – I put a humidifier beside my bed because after taking all those sinus pills, the membranes in my nose are pretty traumatized and dried out. The noise of the device also soothes me to sleep.
  • Nasal spray – As I just mentioned, my nose is pretty dry inside so there is no medication needed in the nasal spray. Buy a simple saline spray or use a Nettie Pot to flush and moisten your sinuses.
  • Rest – If you’re anything like me, this is a tough one. It is a must do. Get your rest. Go to bed early and if at all possible, sleep late. If you’re able, become a couch potato. Your body is already burning a lot of energy just trying to get better. Worry about fitness when you’re recuperated.
  • Topical Analgesic Rubs – If you’ve been blowing your nose for a week, the outside of your nostrils just might be a little rough as well. I use Mentholatum on the outsides of my nostrils to soothe the skin but also clear my sinuses so I can catch a breath or two. This compound also soothes sore muscles and general aches and pains.

Tell me, what other things do you do at home to get rid of a sinus infection? I know many friends add whiskey to their teas, but I don’t drink often so I’m sure that would not make me feel very well.



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  1. I slept and drank water almost all last weekend! I feel like such a wimp for letting whatever get the best of me.
    Now not feeling so bad.
    Go Bobcats!

  2. When I was knocked on my butt I wished I had taken some time to rest also. You’re a smart one. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Me too!!

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