Go Rest High on That Mountain Old Geronimo

Five years ago, I wrote this homage to a great friend, a mountain horse, who I love. Today I share it again as I say goodbye. Go rest high on that mountain, old friend.

Gironimo, aka G-Man. The toughest horse on the mountain.
Geronimo, aka – G-Man. Toughest horse on the mountain.

Stories From a Mountain Horse

I stand here enjoying the sun.
I chat with a friend and talk about the fun.
I wish he could share with me and tell it all.

Can you imagine the stories he has to tell?
Can you imagine a life lived so well?
A horse.
A guide.
A Mustang.
A huge heart.
A fighter.
A winner.

The “A Squad.”
He’s been to the top of each mountain.
He’s a hunting machine.

His face is gray with age and experience.

The years. The miles. The tales he has to tell.

A warm sunny meadow on a summer morning.
A frightened woman and her first ride.
A cheering family as her fears subside.
A determined hunter.
A loaded pack-saddle and switch back trail.
A bull bugle on a moonlit night.
A celebration near the campfire after a stalk and ride.

Cold mornings covered in frost.
Thick snow, ice, climbing and never lost.
The sweet, fresh blades of grass breaking through the snow.
A race for the honor and winning it all you know!

Elk, deer, bear, turkey, grouse, once-in-a-lifetime moose, all special hunts.

All memories that make him proud to have the gray-faced wisdom of seeing it all.

Now, relaxed, sunning, taking it in.
You are still a champion and I know you are proud old friend!!!



One Reply to “Go Rest High on That Mountain Old Geronimo”

  1. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful horse, may he rest in peace and his spirit be free.
    He is now up there with my whole crew and I miss them all as you miss yours.
    We have beautiful memories and many stories because of them.
    My Love to you Mia,
    Lu Ann

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