Racing Through the Streets

Harley D is a member of our “A Squad” among the horses at the Anstine ranch.  He is a great horse who is dependable and always up for a new adventure.  Generally he packs people, gear and animals.  He proves himself to be more amazing all the time.  This winter, via our farrier, he found something new to try out.  Harley D entered a winter race.  Not your typical horse race.  He was going to pull a someone in ski joring!

The event is a race in which a horse and rider pull a skier down a snow packed obstacle course.  The horses run 25 to 30 miles per hour as they pull a skier maneuvering slalom style through gates and over jumps.  The horses are shod with a special shoe to help keep traction on the course snow packed course which may be icy.  The horse and rider must be accustomed to ropes as well as the weight and sound of the skier behind them.  The skier must be experienced enough to manipulate a rope while maneuvering through gates and completing jumps at high speeds.

Harley D trained for several weeks prior to the big event.  It would be his first time to tow a skier and his first time to race down a street with screaming crowds all around.  He practiced daily and was well prepared.

The morning of the race the farrier equipped Harley D with new shoes.  It was a warm 9 degrees out.  The farrier hurried as quickly as he could in the freezing temps.  Harley would be racing two days and this first day the farrier suggested putting the race plates only on the front feet so Harley would be able to dig into the snow pack.  Harley stood patiently and allowed the race plates to be clamped on

Harley D getting his race plates

Harley D’s jockey, Cheyann, warmed him up for the days events making a couple of runs up the street and through the crowd.  He was very calm and had a disposition as if he had done this many times before.

Warming up
Warming up

Just before race time, Harley D and Cheyann were teamed up with their skier.  Harley D poised himself at the starting line and with a kick from Cheyann’s spur, he lunged forward.  The skier grasped the rope and gradually let the slack out as they flew down the street.  First to the left then rapidly to the right.  Up an over a small burm which increased the skier’s velocity sling shotting him to the left and preparing him for the next jump.  A large 4 foot tall one which he would now be flying off of at over 30 miles per hour.

Harly D racing down the streets of Silverton
Harly D racing down the streets of Silverton

As the skier launched from the huge jump, he quickly grasped for the slack in the rope keeping it taught.  He landed cleanly and continued down the course up and over obsticles the entire way.  Harley D doug in hard and his front feet pulled but his back end slipped a little slowing him down.  With Cheyann’s encouragement, Harley D kept on and in a matter of seconds the race was over. The skier passed through all the required gates and jumps with out falter.  Harley D pulled the team 18.43 second finish.  We watched and waited as the other teams ran.  Some skiers finished smoothly, others hit the snow hard.

The second day, Harley D got plates put on his back feet as well and as he launched from the starting line the skier grasped tight on the rope.  He made it over the perparation burms, but when he launched off the first 4 foot jump he forgot his tuck.  The team was speeding by at faster than 30 miles per hour.  The skier landed with his skis splayed and flew chest first across the snow packed street into the crowd.  The team ended up with a no time for the day two race.

Skier couldn't hold on
Skier couldn't hold on

Harley D and Cheyann had an amazing two days of racing.  They competed against state champions and even track horses.  They both competed well and ran fast.  They were proud of thier skier who successfully finished the race on first day with the time of 18.43.  The team finished their first skijoring race through the streets of Silverton with a spectacular 4th place!

skijoring Feb 2011

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  1. Wow, this looks really cool! I have never heard of such a race. Congrats Harley D and Cheyann! Is this an annual event? Will they race again?

  2. Yep! This was the second annual skijoring event in Silverton, Colorado. We plan to race again next year and place even higher. Not bad for an outfitter “dude” horse huh?! 😉

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