Review – Hunting Camo for Women by Sitka Gear [VIDEO]

I am continually asked what hunting gear is available for women. I have women ask me as well as husbands who ask on behalf of their wives. Today I want to share Sitka’s Women’s Big Game Hunting line of camouflage for women. Sitka sent me the camo pieces before turkey hunting season, and I’ve been putting it through the test ever since. I’m sharing my honest opinion as best as I can in hopes of helping you make a decision when you head out to buy more hunting clothes.

Women’s Core Lightweight Crew 
The shirt is lightweight and breathable. The fabric incorporates Polygiene technology, which is “an odor control technology,, which neutralizes odor by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. It also helps wick away moisture. It’s helpful so that you’re not going to stink at the end of a hot day. The material is flexible.

The sleeves have a 19″ seam from the cuff to the armpit. This is notable because I’ve tried another set of gear similar to this. Although that shirt is a lot less expensive, the sleeves are short. I could not use the thumb holes without them cutting into the webbing of my hand. The Sitka shirt is long enough that the thumb holes are comfortable and I can layer the Women’s Active Ascent, lightweight, gloves over the top for ultimate concealment.

The shirt is long enough in the torso that I can easily tuck it in or layer it over my pants without my backside showing. That’s something that is a distraction if you’re crouched over and the breeze is hitting the skin on your back.

I’ve had friends mention they don’t buy Sitka gear because it’s made in China, therefore I feel I need to mention this shirt is manufactured in El Salvador. Tell me, do you tend to buy American Made products only? Is this an important factor for your purchase?

The shirt is available in the Optifade Subalpine pattern (shown) and in a more gray-toned Elevated II pattern, in sizes XS to XXL.

Women’s Core Lightweight Crew MSRP $69

Women’s Timberline Pants
The pants are made of a poly-spandex material, which has give to it, so they’re comfortable to wear in the field. I’m able to kneel down easily, which leads me to the knee pads.


The gray area on the knee area is a reinforced, waterproof, breathable material. Inside are removable knee pads. They are really durable. As I mentioned, I’ve been putting these to the test, and have been able to kneel down on sticks, twigs, brush, and so forth without my knees hurting.

My first thought when I saw the knee pads was, “Oh my gosh. Why?” I try to give every product I review a fair test, so that first thought of, “Take the knee pads out, they’re bulky” was cast away. I wanted to give the gear a fair shake and you a fair review of the pants. I left the knee pads in, and I’ll tell you, I like them. I like them so much that I haven’t taken them out.

Something you should know, the breathable material does cause me to sweat a little bit but not so much as to be listed as unbearable. I like the pants and the knee pads. You probably know, if you see an animal coming and need to duck and cover, you don’t always look to see where you’re crouching. Your knees may end up on rocks or sticks. These knee pads are the ideal solution.

During turkey season a jake headed my way. I ducked behind a small bush and waited, on my knees, for at least 45 minutes. Low and behold, I knelt on a bed of gravel that entire time without any discomfort. The turkey passed by and never saw me in the Sitka gear. I am sincerely looking forward to wearing the pants, with the knee pads, during spot-and-stalk hunts this fall.


The rear also has the gray reinforced fabric on the seat. This is handy as there’s added protection if you’re seated in rough terrain or even eating lunch on a sappy log. You won’t have to worry about the seat tearing.

The pants have 2″ belt loops and have a button fly. The zippers on the pants are quiet. They have string-pulls, which in another review I put a thumbs down on the string-pulls because they continually came loose and fell out. The Sitka strings are a smaller diameter and have never begun to work their way out. The downside is that if they do, there is no regular pull there. I’ll have to find something to attach to create a pull. For now, the strings have done their job.

The pants have two front hip pockets, no rear pockets, and four cargo pockets. All pockets are large sized for carrying your hunting must-haves. Two features that appeal to me are the ultra quiet snaps on the flap of the first cargo pockets and a vertical zippered front on the second pockets.


The inseam of the tapered legged pants is 32″. I like the taper feature because the pants stack over my boots. I don’t have to worry about walking on them in the field. There are no zippers or string ties on the cuffs of this midweight pant. You won’t be able to pull these on or off over your hunting boots.

The pants have technical seaming, which allows you to maneuver in the field. They have a lifetime warranty. They’re available in regular sizes 25 thru 33 in the Optifade Subalpine pattern. I feel that I have to tell you the pants are made in China. Again, tell me, is this a deal breaker for you?

Women’s Timberline Pants MSRP $229

If you have questions, feel free to comment. I’ll answer them as best I can. How many days until your hunting season begins?

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