Babes, Bullets and Broadheads now The Sisterhood of The Outdoors

A fellow lady-who-hunts in the industry recently slammed me for sharing an event hosted by an organization with the name “Babes” in their name. I agree with this friend, the connotation brought by referring to ladies as “babes” is not a positive one. I also don’t own that organization and claim no responsibility for its name. It’s one who’s hosting empowering events for women. I won’t condemn them for their name. I’ve shared and will continue to share their local events, which are hosted by a personal friend.

The above-mentioned occurrence is why I’m excited to share another women’s organization who had the word “Babes” in their name but are announcing a change. This is good news for women.

If you are a woman who would like to learn to shoot, click here to find classes. If you want to learn to hunt, check out one of the events produced by The Sisterhood of The Outdoors!

The-Sisterhood-of-the-OutdoorsBABES, BULLETS AND BROADHEADS
The Sisterhood of The Outdoors

CHATSWORTH, GA – Babes, Bullets and Broadheads, an established women-owned company offering guided hunting and fishing trips to women all over the U.S., today announced a name change to The Sisterhood of the Outdoors.

According to Amy Ray, President of The Sisterhood of the Outdoors, “Babes, Bullets and Broadheads is our heritage, and The Sisterhood of the Outdoors is our future. As we continue the tradition of hosting field staff-guided hunting and fishing trips,” she said, “we want our name to reflect our mission of empowering the next generation lady hunter.”

“The makeup of outdoor industry is rapidly growing to accommodate women eager to participate in a traditionally male world,” according to Ray. “The Sisterhood of the Outdoors provides more than a guided hunt designed for women, we create an experience for them. One that ignites a lifelong flame and encourages empowerment,” she added.

“Since The Sisterhood of the Outdoors already offers the best outdoor hunting and fishing experiences with the best outfitters in the industry,” said Ray, “we’ve developed a new membership platform that improves experiences even more for our guests, sponsors, outfitters, and field staff.” Members are offered opportunities for discounted hunts and events, and gain a place to connect with other likeminded women on a private Facebook page. Support from our sponsors benefits the members as well, says Ray.

“It’s no secret that the fastest growing segment in the outdoor industry is women shooters and hunters,” said Ray. “And with the tremendous social media buzz surrounding every event, sponsors are enthusiastic to be part of that excitement. Perhaps the most important aspect of sponsorship comes from playing a role in impacting the lives or our guests,” she said. We conduct surveys of our guests, and a recent survey revealed that women enjoy sharing their passion for the outdoors with everyone they encounter. Many women commit to the sport and gear up with equipment, accessories, clothing, and firearms. “Through our membership platform, we expect to have an even greater influence in the lives of our members, guests and the outdoor industry,” Ray said.

“There’s nothing I love more than being with a guest as she takes her first shot,” says Ray. Visit our new website at, to learn about our events and becoming a member. If you think your outfitting service is a good match, we’re always looking to add hunting and fishing locations for our guests all over the country.

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