Pope & Young Club Helping with Outdoor Education

Pope and YoungThe Pope & Young Club helps fund Jack Creek Preserve Outdoor Education Center

Chatfield, MN  – Aug, 18 2014 – The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce the completion of the Jack Creek Preserve Outdoor Education Center near Ennis Montana.

PY restoration The Center serves as the educational nucleus of the Preserve’s activities. It offers outdoor educational opportunities for students, teachers, land managers, scouting groups and regional visitors. In the future it will offer exhibit on conservation, habitat protection, wildlife management, and the role of hunters as conservationists. There will be the trail head for interpretive nature trails to high alpine habitat, sage meadows and willow creek bottoms.

Outdoor Education Center Building Amenities:

  • Multi-purpose main classroom (capacity 40 – 50)
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Tables and chairs
  • 2 downstairs bedrooms – 2 beds ea.
  • 1 downstairs bedroom ADA accessible with half-bath
  • 2 separately accessed bunk rooms (18 beds ea.)
  • Overnight capacity of 40 people
  • Large surrounding meadow for outdoor activities
  • Attached shower house
  • High-Speed Internet

PY youthEducational Resources:

  • Projector and screen for presentations and programs
  • Library of activity guides, curriculum resources, field guides, and other relevant educational materials
  • Teaching equipment (skulls, furs, binoculars, GPS units, spotting scopes, cameras, school supplies)

The area’s plentiful streams and alpine lakes, protective forests, nourishing meadows, and undeveloped expanses provide critical habitat for nearly every major mammal species within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Yet habitat gaps in this region exist. With the creation of the Preserve, 4500 acres of ecologically significant habitat that connect the north and south portions of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area were protected, ensuring uninterrupted wildlife corridors for generations to come.

The Jack Creek Preserve Foundation has served over 500 aspiring young bowhunters through its Summer Youth Camp Campers learn bowhunting and bowhunting techniques. The foundation also promotes the important role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation and to encourage safe and ethical hunting practices. Special emphasis is placed on teaching young people to respect wildlife and be responsible hunters. They also make hunting available to youth, women, and seniors, as well as to US military veterans who have been injured as a result of their service.

The Pope & Young Club • www.pope-young.org • Box 548, Chatfield, MN 55923 • Ph: 507.867.4144


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