Get Outdoors for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day Weekend

As we enjoy Memorial Day and the holiday weekend that markedly indicates summertime is coming I want you to stow your devices and get outside. If you cannot pry yourself away from these electronics, maybe you’ll like to learn about some that can come in handy for you while you’re outdoors.

Mia from the Mountains

Here in So.CO (Southern Colorado) we’ve been busy. I traveled to the NRA Annual meetings in Dallas, Texas. I enjoyed participating in a mentorship meeting with some of the NRA Women I look up to and have a fabulous time at the Women’s Leadership Luncheon where Tucker Carlson chatted and inspired us. Yep! There is hope for our country — If we all do our part.

Just prior to, and shortly thereafter, the NRA event, I’d been guiding turkey hunters and then made a trek up to visit my college girl. We moved her into her first “Own Place” then zipped back home to work frantically on getting our irrigation system installed and running. Now it’s off to the mountains for pack trips, then more travels and board meetings.  It’s been hectic but satisfying.

MAC Outdoors Podcast

Since we hope you’ll get outdoors as much as we do, Lea and I shared a few apps that will help you find your way around in the woods. Be it for hiking or hunting, these programs that you can download right to your phone will help you know where to go. Learn more here –



We’ve also been out on the lake fishing — Where do we find the time? — We caught several Small-Mouth Bass and landed some Northern Pike. Thanks to a friend, the next time I catch a pike, I’ll have a delicious recipe.

Find it here –


Find Your Food

I love finding deliciousness in the outdoors. Wild asparagus is a fave because it is not as bitter as that which you buy in the store. Keep an eye out for it and tell me what other goodies you like to find this time of year.
More edible plants –

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