Turkey and Elk Hunting – MAC Outdoors Episode 016

mac-outdoors-1400In episode 016 of the MAC Outdoors Podcast with Mia and Lea the duo discusses turkey and elk hunting. Lea gives you ideas of what you can do with turkey feathers, how to create mounts and other tips. Mia talks about utilizing the meat and cooking delicious recipes. Next, learn how to get in shape for this fall’s big game hunts.

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Turkey tortilla soup recipe – http://blog.beretta.com/author/mia-anstine



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Tune in each week as the dynamic mother/daughter duo share their adventures. You’ll find tips, tricks, lessons and tales from the trail. Mia is a mom, hunting guide, writer and vlogger who lives on a ranch in Colorado. Her daughter, Lea, also a guide, is a passionate young hunter who’s finishing high school and prepping for the journey to college. TUNE IN because you never know what obstacles and inspiration they’ll encounter as they head outside for new adventures.

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