Full-Strut Motion Decoy for Turkey Hunting

HEY, Turkey Hunting Friends! Waterfowl season’s almost gone and guess what the turkeys are thinking about?! US! HAH! Yeah, right. Seriously though, if you love hunting those elusive gobblers as much as me, you’ll like to see what I found at SHOT Show this year.

It’s the Spin-N-Strut by Flambeau. It’s surprisingly lightweight and super easy to operate. Plus, now it’s on my wish list.

MAD turns the tables on sharp-eyed gobblers with full-strut motion decoy, coming to the turkey woods this spring 


MIDDLEFIELD, OHIO – New for spring of 2017, MAD’s Spin-N-Strut allows hunters to add a silent, controlled element of motion that dominant gobblers just can’t tolerate, getting those sharp eyes away from the hunter and bringing in birds looking for a fight.


The simple, silent, string-operated cam device allows the decoy to be set up in 30 seconds and doesn’t require batteries, remotes or sensitive electronics. A pull on the string initiates a 90-degree turn, and further tension raises the fan up to half, then full strut. By varying tension, hunters can realistically simulate both half- and full-strut postures. Releasing tension lowers the tail, allowing the decoy to rotate 90 degrees back to its original orientation.

“The only thing a dominant old gobbler can’t stand more than a conventional full-strut decoy is seeing that tail fan up and turn around,” said Flambeau Marketing Director Kim Norton. “His vision naturally keys in on any movement. Responding to that motion isn’t even a choice – it’s a genetic imperative for dominant old toms, and that singular focus is going to keep his eyes off of the hunter at the same time.”


An old gobbler’s best defense is his super-sharp, motion-sensitive eyesight. MAD Calls is using that strength against him this spring with the Spin-n-Strut, a new gobbler decoy that executes a transition into and out of full strut, a motion that charged-up toms will be sure to see and won’t ignore.

“This is the simplest, most reliable way to add deliberate, realistic motion to a full-strut decoy, and you don’t have any motor noises,” said Norton. “While gobbling style can vary greatly among individual birds, that turn-and-strut motion is an ingrained turkey behavior that says the same thing and elicits the same response wherever there are turkeys.”

Spin-N-Strut includes a high-definition, photorealistic fantail. The universal tail mount allows for a real fan to be substituted for an even greater degree of realism. Further adjustments can be made to this presentation by using a jake tail as opposed to a mature gobbler tail when targeting sub-dominant toms.

A robust, durable foam body combines with a realistic, highly detailed, molded head. Includes pull string, handle and steel swivel stake. MSRP $169.99.


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