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Temps are getting cooler in my neck of the woods, and I’m excited because I like to wear sweaters, long-sleeves, and jackets. There are a few long-sleeve shirts that I wear year-round, and now I get to break out the thicker versions of them.

Voormi shirts are ideal for any season. The thinner, Tech Tee is what I wear for summertime UV protection, and the thicker Base Crew helps keep me warm in cooler temperatures.

The long sleeve, lightweight, Voormi Merino-Tech Tees, made of a dual surface wool blend allows the body to breathe during the hot spells and protects you from intense sunlight. Note, I wear hats and long-sleeves year-round as a means of protecting my skin. The lightweight shirts are breathable and the natural Merino wool wicks moisture, preventing odor.

The Tech Tee’s thinner fabric weighs in at 100 g/m2 (grams per square meter), while the thicker Base Layer Crew’s fabric weighs in at 185 g/m2. One fabric’s construction allows for the air to cycle through, thus wicking moisture away and causing some cooling, while the other is denser and helps trap body heat in. If you happen to over-heat and break a sweat in the thicker shirt, the natural wool fibers still wick away that moisture but also have the capability of holding in warmth. One material provides so many benefits.

Now that the temperatures are dropping, I’ve been wearing the thicker, Voormi women’s long sleeve, Base-Layer Crew shirts. Base layers are imperative if you live in an area, like southwest Colorado, where autumn temperatures range from 25 °F in the morning to 89 °F in the afternoon.

Speaking of layering, H recently made a trip to Pagosa Springs, Co., where the original Voormi store and their product manufacturing is located. H stopped in to say hello and see if the team had any new gear designs available. Of course, he found a jacket for himself, but he surprised me with a fabulous navy-colored, Women’s Diversion Hoodie. It will be one that I’ll wear in addition to the NXT pull-over jacket, which has been a long time fave.

In a testimonial to the quality of the Voormi products, you may notice that I’m wearing their pieces in most of the images you’ll see on my Facebook or Instagram pages. I wear this gear multiple times a week, and it is quite durable. My longest-held Voormi Tech Tee is some four years old. While the black and white blend shirt has a snag or two from some of my outdoor adventures, it is still going strong without a single hole to be seen. If you’ve owned any other Merino gear, you will know that this is a big deal; many of the pieces from other companies don’t fare so well.

Voormi offers quality outdoor gear for men and women. All of the products are made in the USA, and the company holds locations in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and Bozeman, Montana but also sells its products online. Learn more at Voormi.com.

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