Quick and Easy Antlered Christmas

I’m always looking for hacks to make life easier, projects quicker and Christmas more enjoyable here at the ranch. That’s why I wanted to share my daughter’s idea of a decorated tree, which I actually happen to love!

What do antlers have to do with Christmas? Well, said daughter loves antlers because hunting for them yields many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. She has a pile of them, and a few years ago asked if she could add one or two to the tree.

In the years since I’ve allowed her to simply decorate the tree how she likes it.

Did I say, I think it’s beautiful?

I have to mention, we have a fake tree. Yes. It’s sad, I know, but we travel a lot, and at times it’s tough to guarantee that a live tree will get watered. Or that we’ll have a chance to go out and find one or pay the bazillions (yes, I know that’s an exaggeration) of dollars to buy one. For years we’ve opted for the pre-lit imitation, and it looks beautiful.


We pop it up, put it in place, and the decorating begins. For years it included careful placement of all the hand-me-downs of ornaments from Grandma, aunts and friends. That’s a little bit of fun which I miss. However, watching Lea place the antlers and listening to the stories about where she found it or other recounts provides a different kind of satisfaction.

Soon she’ll be heading off to college, and watching how she enjoys creating her antler tree is something I will some day miss. So, for now, we take pleasure in our antlered Christmas!

Did I mention “quick and easy”? Yes! Once it’s popped up, antlers are put in place, and red jingle-bell balls are scattered throughout the branches, it’s done!

WHALLAH! It even includes an antler tree skirt. “Where do the presents go?” you ask. Well, we don’t like to put a focus on the commercial aspect of Christmas, so they’ll come out later. Until then, enjoy the beauty of a tree.

Tell me, what do you think, and how do you decorate your tree?

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