Ranch Life – A Red Head in the Pond

So, some days things don’t go according to plan around the Anstine Ranch, including days when red heads end up in the pond. Today I planned to get my Thursday YouTube video edited and uploaded, so you can view it tomorrow. Let me tell you how my plan got …  maybe not derailed, but off-track.

I woke up, as always, before the rooster, er-uh- ducks, geese and turkey quacked, honked and gobbled. The morning started off as any normal day. I tripped over four-legged ones and headed to the kitchen. Tapped the “power” button on the coffee machine as I shuffled by, with one dog herding me, one dog dancing under my feet and another “woo-wooing” me, as I made my way to the pantry.

I quickly poured the food into the three sister’s bowls and slapped my coffee cup under the brewer, remember today to put coffee in before pressing “go.” In no time at all, the dogs had eaten, done their outdoor duties and we sat, cozily inside as the sun awakened all outdoors.

I savor this quiet time. It’s when I read the daily devotions, sip my coffee and check in on all my social media friends.

A while later, H came shuffling out of the bedroom. He wasn’t sitting down long when he said, “Hey. Billy got a bull. He’s going to stop by in a minute to show us.”

I jumped from my location and ran to get dressed. Company? Before 8:00 am?! In our neck of the woods? This has GOT to be GOOD!

So, you see. Here is where the wheels started to come off the tracks.


The whole family, including the four-legged ones, headed out to see this magnificent bull.

After our morning socializing concluded, we had to round up the horses. The farrier would be here soon.

Getting the horses into the pen went smooth as could be. As I proceeded out of the front pasture, I giggled at the sight of our tom turkey, Brutus and our old-man horse, Geronimo (aka G-man). Brutus strutted beneath G-man and the old man just stood there as if to say, “Please put me out there with all of them. I’m a horse, no a turkey.”

I quickly added a pic of the pair to my SnapChat and headed on my way. I proceeded into the house to get back on track with my day and edit a video for you, only to be interrupted by H.“Hey, wife. Come out here.” He shouted from the back door.

I scooted my chair back and headed for the door. As I peered out, H stood pointing toward the pond. “Do you think it can get out?”

“Think what can get out?” I replied.

H, with a bit more excitement in his voice, “He flew up into the tree and then all of a sudden the flew down and into the pond.”

Still not quite following the situation, I finally caught sight of what he was pointing at. A large black object swam, or maybe walked, or traversed, across the pond. It had a red head.

Okay. You hunter friends may know what it is now.

I made it to the deck rail, wide-eyed, and finally put 2 + 2 together. “BRUTUS?!”

Brutus wads across the pond with awestruck ducks looking on.

“Yes.” said H. “Pinky chased him, and he flew up into the tree and then ended up down in the pond. Do you think he’ll be able to get out?”

Pinky is one of the farrier’s dogs. He comes to see us all the time, but today he obviously had fun, at Brutus’ expense.

I spent much of the next hour first watching Brutus, and keeping all dogs clear, so he’d feel safe enough to come out. Then attempting to get the big, fat bird out of the pond after he began shivering. Finally, after the geese decided to attack, we had to get in, pick the fatso up and boost him out.

But wait. That’s not all.

Next, we spent goodness knows how long searching for H’s phone. It’s not in the tack shed. Not in the truck. Not in the horse pen. Not in the house. Not near the pond. In the end, I turned on the “Find My Phone” option* and watched my steps on my phone’s screen as I walked right up to it, laying in the middle of the driveway, near some brush.

*Note: If you’ve ever had the conspiracy theory that the government can spy on you via your phone, or even locate you, you may be correct. I was able to turn on his location services from MY phone to find his. Hmm??? Thoughts? Do you buy into the Big Brother theory?

Needless to say–phone found, I’ve put together a little video of Brutus in the pond. See below. Hopefully, I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled program and get you a video, tomorrow.

Ranch life – It’s always an adventure!