Fabulous Gifts for Friends who Love Outdoors, Hunting and Firearms

It is time to hunt for fabulous presents for our friends and family who love shooting, hunting, and the great outdoors. Read on, or watch the video below, to get some great ideas, and when you’re done, let me know what your gift-giving hits and misses have been.

Last year I gave you some ideas for jewelry. Jewelry is always a good idea, so I wanted to give you a couple more this year.

Check out these fused glass jewelry pieces made by Miss Olivia’s Line. (My friend and owner of MOL has given me numerous pieces of her gorgeous jewelry.)

This is a red, white and blue featured spent casing type of jewelry made by Pretty Hunter. (I bought this as a gift for my daughter.)


If you’re looking for a novelty-type gift for somebody who has everything, you may like this bolt-action pen by Bastion Gear. (I purchased this for a gift exchange.)

My husband and I are always looking for something because it’s in the other’s pack, and we want it in our own is this Hunter’s Trauma kit by TMS Outdoors. (This one was given to me by TMS Outdoors. I better order another, so I’m sure to have my own.)

My Aunt Barbie LOVES socks, and some that I love are those made by Farm to Feet. (F-to-F gives me these socks, and I just adore them.)


I struggle with sweating feet, so my toes get cold quickly if my feet get sweaty. Do you also have this issue? WSI Sports sent these HeatR socks for me to review, and this fall, I wore them on almost all my hunts and traveling around the world. They indeed helped keep my feet warm!

In last year’s gift ideas, I shared my guide hat. Guess what?! I also got another hat last Christmas! So, of course, I need to show it to you. Hats are fun gift ideas.


I also wanted to let you know, for my hunting friends, Stormy Kromer now offers blaze pink!After we’ve been out and about in the cold and stuff, maybe you want to come in and have something warm and toasty and cook some good food. Who doesn’t love a good meal?! Here are a couple recipe books you may like to give as gifts this year.

Praise the Pig, written by Jennifer Pearsall. (I purchased this book for myself.)

Hunting for Food, written by Jenny Nguyen and Rick Wheatley is more than a recipe book. It also gives a brief overview of hunting, field prep of game and explains how to attain great tasting recipes. (This book was given to me by the authors.)

Another gift idea is that of a shooting class. If you don’t want to go that far, this book that my friend, Gabby Franco, gave me is fabulous. It’s a great book for any shooter. ‘TroubleShooting – A guide to mastering your shooting skills‘ (Given to me by my friend, Gabby Franco.)

Speaking of shooting, I’ll tell you what I hope Santa puts under my Christmas tree this year. The Kimber k6S! (Special SHOUT OUT to my friend Paul Glasgow of Legally Armed America for letting me demo this revolver.) You don’t have to get the Kimber as a gift, but even the most popular Christmas movie ever shares a gun. The b.b. gun, that is. What firearm do you wish you’ll receive this year? Have you ever gotten a gun as a gift? Tell me all about it.


We recently had to buy our nephew a gift and bought him a new rifle sling. A good sling makes spot-and-stalk hunts much more pleasant, so I wanted to share the Mission Mercantile rifle sling with you. It’s exquisite, comfortable and functional. (Mission Mercantile sent this sling for review. It’s high on my recommendations list.)


I hope you like some of these ideas. Tell me, what is a fabulous gift idea that just hit the mark? Tell me about it in the comments below, and it’ll also be helpful for other readers.



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