Youth Defensive Pistol School at Gunsite | Mia’s Motivations

If you’re looking to empower your youngster, teach them to take care of themselves by sending them to Gunsite’s Youth Defensive Pistol school

Women's Outdoor NewsI’ve been working 17 years to raise a Little Gal (LG) to become a knowledgeable, strong and independent woman. She has been learning how to avoid dangerous situations and how to protect herself. Recently, she learned how to protect herself with a handgun while at Gunsite Academy’s defensive handgun course.


Mia and the Little Gal is sponsored by Remington.

As you know, Remington Arms Company sponsors this column, so you can bet we jumped at the opportunity when they invited us to Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Ariz. Gunsite offers a variety of defense courses, and Remington brought an R1 pistol in 9mm for the Little Gal to shoot. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT HER EXPERIENCE

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