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Accepting Registrations for 2017 Instruction

Mountain-Shooting-Center-Long-Range-Shooting-Mias-MotivationsESTES PARK, CO – (July 26, 2016) – The only long-distance, high-altitude shooting center of its kind, the Mountain Shooting Center (MSC), is now accepting reservations for the summer of 2017 instructional season. Located on 100,000 mountainous acres in Southern Utah, the MSC offers customized instruction delivered by U.S. Army Veteran and shooting instructor Ward W. Brien.



According to Brien, “Our private setting in the heart of Utah not only has stunning scenery but delivers exactly the kind of terrain necessary for serious high-altitude training. Shooters know how difficult it can be to make effectively angled shots when they’re hunting that once-in-a-lifetime trophy in high environments, and there’s a lot to learn about ballistic performance at higher elevations.”


Get outside. Explore, learn, hunt, fish, shoot, connect with nature.

The Mountain Shooting Center is located at 9,300 feet above sea level and is ideal for the training of advanced shooters, hunters, and military snipers expecting to engage targets in high altitude mountains, at steep (up or down) angles, and at extended distances.

“Visitors to the MSC summer long distance shooting school enjoy a customized experience with one-on-one instruction,” says Brien. “With the expansive variety of terrain at our disposal we prepare you for up and down angles from 5 to 50 degrees, and extreme target distances ranging from 600 to 2,600 meters. You don’t know if that target or trophy you’re after will be perched on a ridgetop above you, or in a valley below. You’ll learn to interpret mil holdovers, mil ranging, interior and exterior ballistic effects, and the intricacies of density altitude changes on your cartridge,” Brien adds.

MSC Student, Thomas Stevens says, “Ward is an outstanding instructor of advanced concepts and techniques in long range precision shooting. His knowledge of the physics and natural phenomena that impact long range, steep angle shooting is unsurpassed.”

“There are many interconnected facets to learn in long range shooting,” says Brien. “at MSC you’ll become skilled at identifying multiple layers of wind from a variety of directions, reading the mirage and vegetation in order to gauge the velocities of these winds, understanding how the terrain can affect these variables, and compensating for the angle of the sun and shadow effects.”

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“If you’re a casual shooter looking to improve your accuracy and distance, or a serious, long-distance marksman, or even a hunter who spends a lot of time scouting mountainous terrain, MSC will enhance your skills,” says Brien. “Join us in 2017 and watch the impact of your bullet as it strikes a steel silhouette a mile away. There’s nothing like it.”

“Spots fill up a year in advance for all of our summer shooting schools, so please contact us soon with inquiries about availability and lodging for the summer of 2017,” says Brien. “Just north of Bryce Canyon National Park, the Mountain Shooting Center is a four-hour drive from Salt Lake City. Bring the family and enjoy camping, horseback riding, and amazing American wilderness.”

For further details on the Mountain Shooting Center and registering for the summer of 2017 long distance shooting school, contact Mountain Shooting Center Owner, Ward W. Brien at 800-651-1050 orinfo@snipertools.com, or click here.

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Mountain Shooting Center (MSC) is based in Southern Utah at 9,000 ft. ASL, and provides specialized precision rifle shooting courses for hunters and long range shooting enthusiasts. MSCconducts pre-season mountain hunter training and advanced long range mountain shooting courses. For LEO/GOV/MIL professional marksmen, MSC training includes Steep Angle High Altitude, Long Range Mountain Shooting, and Aerial Platform Shooting. 

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