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Do you have ever shoot a really nice group and then one arrow end up way off base? Maybe you’re still working on a tight arrow grouping. Today I was at the archery range, and I thought I better remind a couple of my friends about some of the basics. Forgetting these attributes could be the cause of your loose groupings.How-to-improve-your-arrow-grouping-Mia-Anstine-Motivations

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One of the most important things, when shooting your bow, is your stance. This is so important because it’s your foundation. You need to have a good foundation in order to consistently make accurate shots.

I like to practice out at the 3D range, where the ground is uneven. There are areas where you’re not exactly flat or square. This is definitely somewhere you need to practice if you to archery hunt or if you plan to shoot 3D competitions If your stance is off balance or you’re not square, your arrows are going to fly off target.

Make sure you are consistent with your grip. Always rest the spine of the grip in the same spot. Grip to tight and your arrow will soar to the right, if you’re right-handed and opposite, if you’re left-handed. You also want to make sure that your elbow is turned out. Definitely don’t lock out, and don’t drop it down or you’ll get slapped with a string

Trigger Pull
Your back tension, when you draw your bow should cause you to touch the trigger, thus releasing your arrow.  Be sure to use this, to cause your finger to hit the trigger. Don’t SLAP or JERK the trigger. Doing so will cause the arrow to go off target.

Anchor Point
Know your anchor point. Whether you use a thumb release or index trigger, always be consistent with your anchor points. Make sure the string crosses your nose and cheek in the exact same spot, every time you draw your bow back. If you’re using your thumb to anchor behind your head, put in in the same location every time. Same goes for your knuckle or other part of your hand if that’s what you’re anchor is.

Follow Through
Always follow through on your shot. No peeking to see where your arrow is going. Don’t drop the bow. Remember to let your back tension pull your string arm back. Let the kinetic energy cause the bow to fall toward the target.

The more you practice at home, the more your shooting stance will be ingrained in your memory. If you practice enough, you won’t have to think about these details. You’ll become more accurate the consistent.

If you begin to have difficulty, it’s often easier to focus on these basics, to bring you back to center, rather than wonder what you’re doing wrong. Look at what you need to do right. For more archery tips, product reviews, and other great things, head over to my YouTube channel to watch my videos.

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