CPW Accepting Applications for Colorado Sportsmen’s Roundtable

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is accepting applications for a two-year membership to the statewide Colorado Sportsmen’s Roundtable. The application period is open Monday, April 18 through 5 p.m. Monday, May 2, 2016.

Responsibilities of members include:

  1. Participating in an in-person meeting twice a year at meeting locations that rotate around the state.
  2. Participating in conference calls every two to three months.
  3. Sharing information and ideas with Roundtable members and senior CPW staff on pressing issues.
  4. Sharing your contact information on the CPW Roundtable webpage and being available to sportsmen around the state to share and discuss information pertinent to the Roundtable.

The two-year term runs from August 2016 through July 2018. Volunteering for the Sportsmen’s Roundtable is a great opportunity to share information with Colorado Parks and Wildlife on recreation and management issues that are relevant to hunters, anglers, and trappers. Be an integral part of the conversation!




How to Apply

Fill out the application available online by the deadline. CPW staff will make selections and notify you about whether or not you are selected. For more information about the process or a print version of the application, please visit our website at http://cpw.state.co.us or contact Jody Kennedy at (303) 866-3203 x 4671 or jody.kennedy@state.co.us.

Background on the Colorado Sportsmen’s Roundtable

Hunters and anglers are vitally important to Colorado Parks and Wildlife and to the successful management of Colorado’s wildlife. Sportsmen are directly affected by the agency’s fish and wildlife management decisions and provide much of the funding for wildlife conservation in the state. Colorado Parks and Wildlife encourages effective channels for consulting with the state’s hunters and anglers through the Sportsmen’s Roundtable and Regional Sportsmen’s Caucuses.

The Sportsmen’s Roundtable is a statewide panel comprised of 16 or more statewide members appointed by CPW and at least two delegates from each of four Sportsmen’s Regional Caucuses. The statewide Roundtable meets in person twice a year to help the agency by sharing information, discussing important topics and identifying emerging issues. Four Regional Sportsmen’s Caucuses also hold meetings twice a year. Caucus meetings are open to all local hunters and anglers to discuss regional issues. Caucus delegates then share this information with the statewide Roundtable. Caucus delegates are selected through a separate process determined by sportsmen who participate in the Regional Caucus meetings.

The Colorado Sportsmen’s Roundtable is made up of individual members who represent a broad range of interests related to hunting, fishing and trapping in Colorado. These interests include, but are not limited to, small and big game hunting, sport fishing, outfitting and other sportsmen-dependent businesses. For more information about the Sportsmen’s Roundtable, Regional Sportsmen’s Caucuses and the members of both groups, visit CPW’s website.

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