Warding off mosquitos the all natural way – Lime & Cloves

It’s been an incredible summer for mosquitos both at work and at home so when I saw this suggestion for repellent, I was interested.

LG and I saw a pretty lime, cut in half with cloves inserted into it as we scrolled through a social media timeline somewhere. We are both certain the remedy was shared by Carrie from Wild World of Carrie Z. None the less, we finally tested it out. We sawed two small limes in half and jabbed cloves into them and then headed out with them and our bows in hand.


We set the lime halves around us on the railing and nearby table so we would be surrounded on four sides. All pieces were within two feet of us.

We began archery practice and for about the first fifteen minutes, we were un-offended. However, shortly after that, the blood suckers began to swarm the Little Gal and then within 30 minutes she was running indoors to escape the attackers. I remained outside, un-bitten for some time, but I’m guessing this was because of my naturally offensive smell. See, the LG is so much sweeter than me.

Needless to say, the lime halves with the cloves in them did smell wonderful. I think I’ll go ahead and add them to the party tables on my deck, but I’ll keep them along-side the Deet and Citronella. Maybe all of the items combined will do the job.

In summation: Yes, they worked and no, they didn’t work. I’m thinking I will try it again. After all, the experiment is relatively inexpensive, and as I mentioned, it smells good. Next time I’ll roll the limes to soften them, increasing the citric juiciness, before cutting and inserting cloves. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try and let us know how you do?

Mia & LG

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