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Choosing a Competition Shotgun

LG shooting Beretta A400 xCel. She is wearing Browning lady shooting vest available at
LG shooting Beretta A400 xCel. She is wearing Browning lady shooting vest.


How do you go about choosing a new competition shotgun for your 100 pound, 15-year-old daughter? My husband and I started by asking a trusted colleague for a shotgun recommendation when looking for a new one for our teenage competitor. From there we asked a few more friends for their thoughts. More than one person recommended the Beretta A400 Xcel. We were intrigued by the suggested shotgun and wanted to learn more about it.We learned that the Xcel is the “cream of the clay shooting crop”. With its brilliant blue finish, it would be the envy of all who lay their eyes on it at the range. That wasn’t enough for us. We needed to know that it would be a reliable gun our daughter. It needed to be one she could handle shooting now and suitable for her to use as she grows.We began researching the Xcel, because not everyone knows our little gal like we do. After all, how would our friends know this gun could be good for her, right? Well, sometimes you should take your friend’s word, especially about this outstanding firearm. We learned that the Xcel ….. Read more »


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