Hunting, Working, Parenting plus Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the remainder of life still moving like a full speed steam train, what’s a mom to do? This mom has to hunt, write, work, be a mom, be a wife, shop, send cards, bake, be crafty and still make it to church. Where do I find the time, and how can I stay happy?

This year I shifted the priorities of a few things. You can too. I was pleased to read this list, by Jayme Metzgar, and see the number one thing I implemented was number one on her list as well.Red-and-antler-Christmas-tree

1. Making my house pretty, and staying home as much as possible. Christmas means home for me, and I can’t give up decorating my whole house with fresh greenery. It truly gives me joy, even when my family is the only one to see it. But nothing robs me of my joy more quickly than being out and about in stores and malls, listening to tinny Christmas muzak while battling crowds of virus-ridden shoppers. Allow me to tell you about the amazing innovation that is online shopping. I sit in my kitchen, browse through a huge selection of gifts, push a few buttons, and all the presents come to my house. It’s a true Christmas miracle.

I love the feeling of Christmas in the house, so when the creep of stress began, H was smart enough to cheer me up! He decorated the Christmas tree and turned on the “Happy Lights”as my mom calls them. That’s a sure fired way to bring a smile.

Take the time to enjoy the reason for the season and don’t forget to enjoy your family and friends.

You can read the rest of Ms. Metzgar’s ‘Seven Ways to Simplify Christmas‘ ideas here – CLICK HERE to read more.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! ~Mia

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