Hunting and Good Luck

It is down to the wire. It is the last week of early bear season.  As determined as I am, I still have not acquired my bear. This morning I joked with Hank about putting on my big girl britches and getting out there to “Get ‘er done.” He said he knew I would get one. As he headed out the door, he said “Good luck today!” Then I thought of “lucky underwear.”  Is there such a thing?

I loaded my pack and thought about what I should put in there for “good luck” today. My lucky rabbit’s foot? My lucky horseshoe? My lucky clover? Maybe I can add a white cat since I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream about one last night. I’ve heard that garlic in the house is good luck. Maybe I can put that in my pack?

Last year I brought the Little Gal for good luck. Should I add her to the pack? There is a lucky hat I used to have. The hat has been swiped (or possibly misplaced?) I’m putting a picture of that in the pack too! I hear crickets are good luck. Hmm. I’ve seen grasshoppers out there while I wait on those bears. Maybe I can catch one of those and put it in the pack!

Can I squeeze that Little Gal into my pack for good luck?
That Little Gal is good luck.

Then I remember I better put my right boot on first because that is good luck, right? We have a few hunting clients who don’t shave their beards for quite some time because it’s “good luck.” Well, that’s not an option for me. I better go to the counter and see if anyone spilled some salt this morning. Which shoulder should I toss it over?

Ah dang! I already laced my boots, and I remembered “if you wear a piece of clothing inside out it’s good luck. Okay. The camo shirt is now inside out!

Okay, okay. I don’t REALLY have all those things in my pack, and my Prois shirt is camo side out. What I’ve got today is experience, determination, patience, and knowledge of where they are as well as when they are active. Yes, a little luck will help too, but I can’t pack up the entire house. So I’m headed out the door, packed up with everything a good huntress should have with her. Today – the Winchester .270, shooting sticks, range finder, binos, windicator, of course, rations for the day (just in case it takes all day), my Prois jacket, a headlamp, game bags and knives for skinning my harvest.

Okay. Now that I’ve chatted with you and finished my coffee I am outta here!!!  Wish me luck! It’s always an adventure!

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3 Replies to “Hunting and Good Luck”

  1. Well maybe this will be your lucky comment!! I’m rooting for ya girl and I can’t wait till I check facebook and see a photo of you and your big a$$ bear!!

    Go get it done girl!

    ~ CarrieZ

  2. I have a lucky bunny “tail”, a pair of lucky o.d. green socks and the two things that always bring me luck in the woods are woodpeckers and dragonflies. I once had an elderly person tell me that if you pass on your luck that also brings you additional luck so I try to give luck when I can; a turkey tailfeather, a bead, a lucky penny….I have even loaned out my lucky bunny tail. I have once heard that hunting is 90% skill and 10% luck…..since I am not hunting this weekend, I am sending you my 10%. Good luck, Mia.

    Nancy Jo

  3. Boy, you packed all that you could, hope you could walk lol.
    Let me know if it was a success or not, will try and think of more lucky things…………..

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