Good Luck

It is down to the wire. It is the last week of early bear season.  As determined as I am I still have not acquired my bear. This morning I joked with Hank about putting on my big girl britches and getting out there to “Get ‘er done.” He said he knew I would get one. As he headed out the door he said “Good luck today!” Then I had the thought of “lucky underwear”.  Is there such a thing?

I loaded up my pack and thought what should I put in there for “good luck” today? My lucky rabbit’s foot? My lucky horse shoe? My lucky clover? Maybe I can add a white cat in there since I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream about one last night. I’ve heard that garlic in the house is good luck. Maybe I can put that in my pack?

Last year I brought the Little Gal for good luck. Should I add her to the pack? There is a lucky hat I used to have. The hat has been swiped (or possibly mis-placed?) I’m putting a picture of that in the pack too! I hear crickets are good luck. Hmm. I’ve seen grass hoppers out there while I wait on those bears. Maybe I can catch one of those and put it in the pack!

Can I squeeze that Little Gal into my pack for good luck?
That Little Gal is good luck.

Then I remember I better put my right boot on first because that is good luck also right? I know we have a few hunting clients that don’t shave their beards for quite some time because it’s “good luck”. Well that’s not an option for me. I better go to the counter and see if anyone spilled some salt this morning. Which shoulder should I toss it over?

Ah dang! I already laced my boots and I remembered “if you wear a piece of clothing inside out it’s good luck. Okay. Camo shirt is now inside out!

Okay, okay. I don’t REALLY have all those things in my pack and my Prois shirt is camo side out. What I’ve got today is: experience, determination, patience, knowledge of where they are as well as when they are active. Yes, a little luck will help too, but I can’t pack up the entire house. So I’m headed out the door, packed up with everything a good huntress should have with her. Today – the Winchester .270, shooting sticks, range finder, binos, windicator, of course rations for the day (just in case it takes all day), my Prois jacket, a head lamp, game bags and knives for skinning my harvest.

Okay. Now that I’ve chatted with you and finished my coffee I am outta here!!!  Wish me luck! It’s always and adventure!

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3 Replies to “Good Luck”

  1. Well maybe this will be your lucky comment!! I’m rooting for ya girl and I can’t wait till I check facebook and see a photo of you and your big a$$ bear!!

    Go get it done girl!

    ~ CarrieZ

  2. I have a lucky bunny “tail”, a pair of lucky o.d. green socks and the two things that always bring me luck in the woods are woodpeckers and dragonflies. I once had an elderly person tell me that if you pass on your luck that also brings you additional luck so I try to give luck when I can; a turkey tailfeather, a bead, a lucky penny….I have even loaned out my lucky bunny tail. I have once heard that hunting is 90% skill and 10% luck…..since I am not hunting this weekend, I am sending you my 10%. Good luck, Mia.

    Nancy Jo

  3. Boy, you packed all that you could, hope you could walk lol.
    Let me know if it was a success or not, will try and think of more lucky things…………..

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