Awesome Evenings

It is turkey season for us in Colorado right now.  I’ve been out a couple of times, and have had two great evenings.  This year I am hunting my bird with a bow.  It is such a challenge and a lot of fun.

A few days ago Hank and I sat and called and called a tom from one ridge over and across the valley.  We worked him and worked him and it just seemed he was hung up at the bottom of the hill.  He wasn’t coming.  Hank decided to head home, and I told him I was staying until last light or at least until I could “put him to bed”.  That means wait until I could figure out where he would roost for the night.

I sat and waited and called a little bit.  Then he gobbled to me.  Yes!  I waited and called a little more and then he gobbled again.  I gobbled back.  He was still hung up at the bottom of the hill…  I thought!

Before I knew it there he was!  He was directly to my left and not more than 10 yards away.  A HUGE tom!  He had back doored me!  Dang!  I waited and waited and then we heard branches break behind me.  It was a couple of cow elk.  The tom took a couple of steps and then took flight.  He sailed away across the valley.  Beautiful!  What a rush to be staring him eye to eye for those few seconds.

I was still able to roost some other birds, but wouldn’t be able to come out the next morning because I had to take the Little Gal to school.

We waited until the following evening and we set out again.  This time the Little Gal wanted to come, and we are so happy she did.  We headed over to set up our decoys and right away saw three jakes at the bottom of the hill strutting away.  We moved our location and set up, hiding the Little Gal in the front so she could have first crack.

We began calling and in a matter of moments the jakes were coming through the trees.  I whispered to the Little Gal that they were within range and she could take which ever one she wanted.  She steadied her shotgun and waited.  They turned and headed back, and I told her to wait.  Hank called behind us and they returned.  This happened a couple of times and then I chirped in a couple calls to entice them a little more.  The three headed directly in front of us and cruised right past our decoys and to the other side.  All the while I was shaking and trembling. “Shoot one!  Shoot one!” I whispered to myself.  Nothing.

The jakes were passed and still within range.  There was brush here and there obscuring a clear shot, but definitely shots.  We wondered if the Little Gal was just in shock.  The jakes headed around and down another hill.  We repositioned and Hank and I called again. This time with me in the front.  If she wasn’t going to do it, I was.

Here they came again!  I couldn’t believe it!  It was awesome!  I waited until they were behind a tree and drew my bow up.  I shook and trembled with excitement.  “Steady, steady.  Take a deep breath.  Relax.”  I steadied myself and relaxed and held that bow up for what seemed like hours.  FINALLY.  There he was and a clear shot.  I touched my trigger and an arrow flew.  DANG!  Right below him.  I reached for another arrow and pulled it back as quickly as I could.  I released another arrow as he ran over the edge of the hill.  Nothing.  WOW!!!

My adrenaline ran hard, and I was SO EXCITED!  This is my first year to hunt a bird with a bow and I had gotten the first time jitters out of the way on a super awesome evening.  I’ll be back after them soon.

I feel so blessed to have the times I do in the outdoors.  On the way home here is the awesome view we had.  Wow!  Mother Nature is spectacular isn’t she?  What a blessed day!

Awesome evening sunset
Awesome evening sunset

It’s always an adventure!

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3 Replies to “Awesome Evenings”

  1. Glad it’s turkey season outhere now, I was able to tag out the first week, I used to like to save a tag, but it was hardto hold back sometimes.
    Best of luck with a bow, I’ll have to try that next year.
    Good Luck

  2. Awesome – the great stuff we see when we put in the time outside is so rewarding! Good luck the rest of your season.

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