Fabulous Mother’s Day

I had a couple of my girlfriends ask yesterday what I did and what I got for Mother’s Day.  I was so excited to tell them about my great weekend, and they just didn’t seem to be feeling it with me.  Only an outfitter wife/mom would appreciate the special gifts received from her husband and daughter this Mother’s Day.

The gift receiving began Friday before Mother’s Day.  My lovely daughter gave me a hand-made clay bowl.  It is super cute!  It is pink and has black zebra stripes on the side with white outlining them.  I just love it and I put it in my bathroom to hold my hair clippies.

Next, I got to help chase water Saturday because we are irrigating.  I so enjoy playing with the water and watching it flow down or across the land.  We have dug out our lower pond and now it is three times as large.  It will have an island in it for the ducks and we added some logs for structure for the fish once it is full.  I know, I know.  Irrigating?  Fun?  Well, yes it is when you don’t have to do it every day, and it will be great when the new pond is full of water and the ducks return.

Mother’s Day morning I awoke to Hank saying “Hurry! Hurry!  There’s something out there.  You need to shoot it.”  I sleepily crawled out of bed and putt on  my slippers.  I was a little confused and possibly still in the middle of dream land.  He was grabbing my bow and handed me my release telling me to put it on.  I was asking him “What is it?” and he said to hurry and put the release on before it ran away.  I did as I was told and then moved a little more quickly heading to the door.  Then all of a sudden I woke up enough to realize what it may be.  Hank was running out the door with me right behind when I said “It’s a new target!”

Sure enough!  It was a new 3-D target!  I was excited and even though I was sleepy-eyed, I had to throw my arrow at it for good measure.  What fun!  A new had made dish, a new pond and a new target and then of course my Little Gal took me out to brunch with my Mom!

OH! Forgot to mention the one item they may regret…  A new gobbler.  Have I ever mentioned that those make excellent alarm clocks in the morning?  heehee!


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4 Replies to “Fabulous Mother’s Day”

  1. What a great post Mia.
    I’m glad you had such a wonderful mothers day!
    And totally jealous of the new target, kudosto Hank!!

  2. sounds like a wonderful day to me! Just time with my family is all I ever asked for.

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