Hunting Knife Variety for Your Expeditions

There are a number of tools that are “must-haves” for your hunting expedition, and if you plan to be successful, you’re going to need a knife. Whether you tag an animal or not, a knife can come in handy while you’re out in the woods.

Beretta USA sent a stack of knives for me to test out and share with you. I don’t consider myself a “knife aficionado” or “expert,” but I’ve been using knives and helping butcher wild game since I was about five years old. I’ve had my hand on a knife or two. I also have my favorites and not so favorite when it comes to sharp-bladed objects. So, let’s talk about these Beretta Knives!

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The knives I received are from Beretta’s collaboration with renowned knife maker, R.W. Loveless. I received the Hunter, Skinner, and Gun-Hook profiles in both black and blaze orange handled styles. Overall, they’re a great value and should work well in the field.

The knives feel a bit tip-heavy, especially the Gut-Hook profile as it’s a larger blade end than the other two. In placing a magnet on the Zytel® grips, it seems that the tang does go to at within an inch from the butt end of the knife. A front-end heavy knife comes in handy when you’re caping or skinning thick hides; If I were caping a thinner hide animal, I’d prefer a more balanced knife, maybe with a thinner blade.

In general, the drop point blade style of the Skinner and Hunter is ideal for hunters. The Gut-Hook knife is a bit more specialized and regularly loved or hated by sportsmen.

All three Beretta Loveless knife profiles come with an embossed black leather belt sheath. The sheaths have a broad loop for your belt, which I believe may allow it to slide around. Additionally, there is no snap or hasp to keep the knife in. This is one that I may solely keep in a separate pouch in my backpack.

The stiff, Zytel® polymer handle is a durable, heat-resistant material. Combined with the checkering design and Beretta logo, the handler should be able to grip the knife handle with ease, even in damp conditions.

The drop point blade style has a long cutting edge with the sharp tip of the blade being “dropped” lower than the plane of the spine. This design makes slicing and precision cuts with ease.

The Gut Hook profile is used for field-dressing wild game. The design of the hook allows hunters to poke a hole in the hide, then hook and cut through an animal’s skin without damaging what lies beneath.

The Beretta hunting knife series offers quality at an affordable price. Made with Japanese ATS-34 steel, it is very similar to the original Loveless designs, which are created with 154CM steel.

ATS-34 and 154CM are known for being of good value for everyday-carry knives. Both of these steels offer high-end or mid-range performance. This steel offers decent edge retention in that it holds its sharpness well, but you’re going to need to hone it after prolonged use. To the experienced knifesman, the ATS-34 steel blade will be fairly easy to sharpen. As far as corrosion resistance, ATS-34 is known as a mid-range knife steel.

Before you go, I hope you’ll take a moment to tell me all about your favorite hunting knives by completing the survey below.

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