Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips — Even if you’re not trick-or-treating

Do you have children? Do you let them go trick-or-treating on Halloween? Do you send them to Halloween parties? Even if you said, “No,” to all of these questions, you’re at risk and need to read the top five Halloween Safety Tips brought to us by U.S. Lawshield.

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Frightening Numbers

  1. People aged 18 and under are involved in an average of 130% more fatal automobile crashes on Halloween night than on any other night of the year.
  2. Pedestrians of all ages are 56% more likely to be killed by a car on Halloween than on any other day of the year.
  3. Property crimes are 24% higher on Halloween.
  4. The most popular time for trick-or-treating is from 6-10 PM—which happens to be the peak time frame for violent crimes. 

Top 5 Safety Tips for Halloween

Houston, Texas – U.S. LawShield®, industry leader and America’s largest provider of Legal Defense for Self Defense® coverage, offers five helpful safety tips during the Halloween season.

According to P.J. Hermosa, CEO of U.S. LawShield, “Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, Halloween has consistently been one of the deadliest nights of the year. Combine the typical daily incidents of drinking while driving with everyday property crimes plus estimates that 70% of parents do not accompany their children while trick-or-treating, and the statistics for Halloween are scary.”

“Whether you’re hosting a spooky costume party or preparing to go trick-or-treating with your family, U.S. LawShield wants to help you be as prepared and responsible as possible,” Hermosa stated. 

1. Safety Tips for Kids

  • Adult Supervision – All children aged 13 and under should be accompanied by an adult when trick-or-treating. Older kids without an adult should be in groups of three or more.
  • Create a Route – Only trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods and at houses with porch lights on. Be aware of and avoid the addresses of local sex offenders.
  • Street Smart – Walk only on sidewalks, and cross streets only at crosswalks or corners. Make eye contact with drivers before crossing to help prevent accidents. Take extra caution with costume masks, as they greatly reduce a child’s ability to see their surroundings.
  • High Visibility – Carry glow sticks or flashlights when out after dark, and avoid wearing dark-colored costumes or those that aren’t reflective.
  • Treat Smart – Check your kids’ candy! The CDC Halloween Safety Guide highly recommends throwing away any unwrapped or unsealed pieces.

2. Safety Tips for Gun Owners

  • It’s not the smartest idea to include weapons—toys or otherwise—in costumes. On a night when violent crime is up and tons of people are wearing spooky costumes, it’s best to leave weapons where they belong—with their responsible owners.
  • If you want to carry while trick-or-treating with your kids, it would be wise to carry concealed. If you’re handing out candy at home, store your guns safely (either out of sight and reach of children or holstered). As always, make sure you follow state and federal law!

3. Safety Tips for Adults

  • Drive Carefully  Drive slowly and watch for people crossing the street. Avoid distractions like phones or food so you can be ready to stop quickly. (But it’s best to avoid driving after dark on Halloween if you can.)
  • Clear the Way  Clear your front steps, driveway, and lawn of any potential safety hazards. If any injuries happen on your property, you could be held liable!
  • Leave a Light On  If you leave the house, keep a few visible lights on inside to discourage criminals. However, leave your porch light off to let trick-or-treaters know you aren’t giving out candy!
  • Verify Insurance  Are you turning your home into a neighborhood haunted house? Are you charging admission? Make sure to check your local laws and verify your homeowner’s insurance coverage! It could be considered a business activity, and accidents or injuries typically are not covered. (You should also verify your self-defense insurance coverage!)
  • Go Flameless  Use electric lights in your jack-o-lanterns and other décor. House fires are one of the more common accidents reported by homeowners on Halloween.  

4. Safety Tips for Pets

  • Safely Confine – The sights, sounds, and numerous visitors on Halloween can be overwhelming for pets, and this can cause them to act aggressively or even run away.No Candy – Keep the spooky decorations and yummy candy out of reach. If you didn’t already know, chocolate could be lethal to pets!
  • Supervised Costumes – Despite what you might see on the internet, pets don’t typically like to be dressed in Halloween costumes. If left unsupervised, they could end up hurting themselves or someone else, or even escape and get lost.

5. Situational Awareness

There’s nothing wrong with a good scare on Halloween, but you shouldn’t have to fear for your safety or your children’s. One of the best things you can do to help ensure you aren’t the victim of a crime on Halloween is to be situationally aware. What is situational awareness? 

  • It’s the practice of being observant of your environment and the activities going on around you. 
  • It means being aware of the groups trick-or-treating near yours.
  • It means paying attention to who’s serving you drinks at the costume party or how the drivers around you are driving.
  • Situational awareness for a gun owner means always knowing where your firearm is and regularly checking if it’s still secured. 

Have a Safe Halloween: Prepare for the Worst

While taking charge of your own safety and deciding you don’t want to become a victim IS the essential first step of your self-preparedness journey, you need to be prepared for all that could happen before, during, and after a life-threatening situation. This means staying educated and informed on what self-defense rights you have during Halloween activities and what rights you don’t have. It also means having proper self-defense training and knowing how to avoid altercations whenever possible, especially on dangerous nights. After all, an educated self-defender is a responsible self-defender! 

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