Supercharged Tripod by Mid-Evil | MAC Outdoors Podcast 65

If you’ve ever wanted a better, more diverse, shooting tripod then today’s show is for you. You’ll be impressed with this supercharged device. Learn more as I visit with the owner of Mid-Evil Industries as he tells us how he invented the amazing modular tripod system called the Overwatch Commander.

At the Ballistic Summit, presented by Lucid Optics, I found an amazing modular tripod system. I visited with the inventor and let him tell us all about how he founded Mid-Evil Industries and created the Overwatch Commander.

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  1. Hi! I am concerned with the new gun laws being introduced. It will destroy hunting in Colorado and the income it produces for the state. Is there a letter writing email campaign out there? We should contact the CPW and Governor’s office to to start.

  2. Tom,
    CPW does not handle the gun laws. To address such items, you need to contact our representatives that are on the committees hearing any gun bills that are being heard in the state. You can find your legislators here – . If you’re looking to voice concerns about something on the Federal level, you can find your legislators here — . Remember to ALWAYS be respectful in your comments.

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