Get Started Hunting | MAC Outdoors Podcast 64

Many people want to become independent and source their own organic, locally caught wild meat. Some people don’t know where to go or how to get started with hunting. Today’s show will give you an overview of where to start with hunting.

Leave a comment if you’re new to hunting and have questions, or if you’re a long-time hunter and would like to add information to what I’ve included in this episode.

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2 Replies to “Get Started Hunting | MAC Outdoors Podcast 64”

  1. I’m a 44 yr old mother of 8 and after 2020 and all the uncertainty that came with the COVID pandemic I’ve decided that it’s time that I start hunting to make sure that there’s never another time that I’m questioning if I’m going to be able to feed my kids. Also now that Biden is in office my husband no longer has job security, he’s a coal miner and we know that Biden wants to shut the industry down. Unfortunately where we’re from no other jobs in our area make even close to what my husband currently makes and as we live paycheck to paycheck now, we face even more uncertainty in the future, it’s very scary. So I have until November to save up enough to buy a the best bow, arrows and accessories that I can find. We blew through our savings last year because my husband was out of work for 2 months at the beginning of the pandemic so we’re starting over. My husband hunts as well but since we don’t own land and there aren’t many public hunting areas here and let’s face it we can’t afford to go on a paid hunt, I figure we’ll have more luck with the both of us out there. My question to you is, what would be the best bow to use? I have shot bows before, I use to target shoot when I was younger and I was good and I feel more comfortable with a bow than I do a gun. Any feedback you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I’ve watched a cpl of your hunts on tv and I like your ethics so I wanted to get your opinion. Unless you think I’m too old to start hunting now, if that’s the case please tell me. Otherwise I would love your opinion on the best bow and accessories are for me, I have about 8 months to save up before I need to have my bow purchased so that I can do some target shooting before hunting season begins so that I can get the feel of the bow. Thank you again, you are an inspiration to young women all over the world as well as us older women.

  2. Betty, Thank you for stopping by and for listening to the show. I appreciate your question, and I’ll be addressing it on a coming episode.

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