Women, Hunting, Shooting and the Outdoors on the Red Hill View Podcast

Not long ago I took a horseback ride, found a couple shed antlers, spent quality time with my daughter and participated in an interview.We chatted about the outdoors, hunting, shooting and more. See below for more information about my interview with Tom on the Red Hill Sportsman podcast.


LISTEN UP at http://www.redhillsportsman.com/rhvpodcast/episode/007interviewwith-mia-anstine!

Recap of our chat:
(Originally posted on the Red Hill Sportsman)

Our interview started with Mia’s background in the outdoors. You will hear how the outdoors were a big part of her childhood. We also learned about how she became a hunting guide and firearm instructor. We touch base on how women can get involved in the outdoors. Mia Tells us how she introduced the outdoors to her daughter Lea. On this episode, you will hear us talk about how you can find Mia on the web, along with a number of other places you can find info on the outdoors.


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