Colorado Archery and Hunting at She Never Quit

Thanks to the Colorado Bowhunters Association the past three years I’ve trekked down to teach archery at the annual She Never Quit event in Texas. I’m blessed to be able to share my passions with over 50 wonderful women.

In the past, archery has been an optional afternoon activity. This year I got lucky with a bay at the gun range. Each attendee came through my station to shoot a bow. The best part is seeing the huge smiles from first-time shooters. I also love seeing those who’ve shot before prove that they remember what to do or tell me about the bows they’ve purchased and the hunts they’re planning.

In the afternoon I offered a turkey and elk calling session, which ended up being an introduction to turkey and elk hunting session. I hope to have inspired at least a few women to get outside call in an animal.

Aside from my hunting skills workshop, other afternoon activities included fishing, air-soft, self-defense, massage, brainstorming and workout sessions.

This year we saw eight firearms bays (handguns, shotguns, long-rifles, modern sporting rifles and a .50 cal), the archery bay, and a hatchet and knife-throwing bay. Women from all over the country, including several from Colorado, attended the event to learn how to shoot or to improve on what they already know and learn from world-class shooters.

The mornings are spent at the gun range where groups rotate from one station to another. At lunch and dinner, everyone enjoys delicious wild-game meals cooked by culinary sensation, and former Top Chef contestant, Emily Sprissler.

The She Never Quit event is fundraiser, brought to you by the Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA). Proceeds support the Foundation for Women Warriors and Widows of Navy Seals. I hope to see you, or the woman in your life, at next year’s event.

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