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It’s empowering to learn to handle a firearm, but even better is where we go after our first shots. If you’ve been following the NRA series, ‘Love at First Shot’ you’ll be happy to see what happens next. NRA unveils the epilogue to the fabulous ‘Love at First Shot’ series, ‘After the Shot’. See a couple series links below! ~Mia

Jackie Got Her Gun
We first met Jackie Ducci as she began her firearms journey earlier this season in Episode 2, “Revolver Evolution.” Guided by the professional instruction of Team Smith & Wesson captain Julie Golob, and accompanied by her mother and longtime shooter, Donna, Jackie enthusiastically took her first shot—but that was just the beginning. In this special edition of Love at First Shot, we find out how her shooting story unfolded in After the First Shot: “Jackie Got Her Gun.”

Determined to take charge of her own safety, Jackie started her path to gun ownership for personal protection purposes. Although the process of obtaining a firearm permit in her home state of Connecticut was long and arduous, for her it was totally worth it in the end. With the help of a knowledgeable sales associate, Jackie found the perfect revolver, the Smith & Wesson Model 66. Upon becoming a gun owner, she discovered that shooting is a fun and exciting recreational activity that she can enjoy with family and friends. Jackie has even passed the torch to another first-time shooter, friend and former teacher, Tabitha.

Strength in Numbers
We first met Josephine Diaz in Episode 6, “Clays & Confidence,” when she convinced her neighbor, Jen Meier, to go shooting for the first time under the guidance of Team Smith & Wesson captain Julie Golob. Josephine herself had not been proficient with firearms until fairly recently, when she began cultivating a shared enthusiasm with her husband for hunting and shotgun sports. In this special edition of Love at First Shot, see what Josephine has been up to at her local range in After the First Shot: “Strength In Numbers.”

When she began frequenting the Hartford Gun Club, Josephine often found herself to be the lone woman. But instead of giving up or continuing to feel like an outsider, she decided the next step was to organize a women’s shooting group. With the help of the club’s leadership, Josephine built a dynamic circle of women who seamlessly combine socializing and shooting—with a lot of fun mixed in as well. Her story is an inspiring example of how one committed individual with a love for firearms can bring others into the fold.

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